Lefties run amok at UNC-Chapel Hill while trustees RUN for other offices.

Brad Briner, the Republican nominee for state treasurer, ran a commercial during the recently concluded primary election where he claimed he is not for DEI and its nasty relatives.  Yet, we haven’t heard a peep out of him about the university’s “DEI Fellows” program or other activities sponsored by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

Dave Boliek, a Republican likely headed to a runoff in the race for state auditor, is also a UNC-CH trustee. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with DEI, it is basically marxism retooled for the 21st century. DEI preaches about “oppressors” — mainly white males and other straight, church-going people — needing to make amends to the so-called “oppressed” – mostly women, gays, and everyone else who doesn’t fit cleanly into the “oppressor” category.  With DEI, race, gender, and sexual orientation are among the attributes that overrule competence, talent, experience, and education when hiring, promoting, or choosing candidates for various other educational and professional opportunities. 

So, what is the university’s DEI Fellows program all about?

[…] The University Office for Diversity and Inclusion DEI Fellows Program is a one-year program aimed at sophomores and juniors who are interested in proactively advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Carolina and in their home communities.

DEI Fellows engage with DEI experts to further develop their own leadership skills and competencies, receive mentorship from subject matter experts through weekly workshops and panels, engage in community-based active learning, and take part in career networking and coaching.[…]


Oh, and let’s not forget the endorsements of the program:


Ok.  So what kind of things can you learn about as a DEI Fellow at Chapel Hill?


It’s a veritable “snowflake” harvest.   

How does this nonsense honestly help our young people compete in the 21st century economy? 

So, if your kids come home from their matriculations at Chapel Hill — or if some recent UNC grads show up to interview at your company — and start calling you a bigot and threatening hunger strikes or walkouts, you now where it all came from.

Smacking this stuff down is the kind of reform many of us have been looking for from our veto-proof “conservative” majority at the legislature.  Most of the folks on the university boards were appointed over on Jones Street.

What are we waiting for?