Team Whatley planning to install Simmons as party chairman? (Trump supposedly “WANTS” this.)

The reports we’re hearing from some influential NCGOP leaders around the state don’t sound good.  RNC chairman-designee Michael Whatley has put out the word he plans to officially resign his state party post on March 26.  An executive committee meeting is slated for that date, as well.

This is where the story gets interesting.  Reports have been circulating that party vice-chairman Susan Mills and at least TWO of the party’s more conservative leaders were eyeing a campaign for the soon-to-be-vacant state chairman post.   Originally, word was circulated that the selected candidate would be an interim leader until an election could be held at the next state convention (which would be this summer).

Today, we heard from one of the two potential conservative contenders for the chairman post.  They reported to us that they received a call from Whatley himself.  According to our source, Whatley attempted to discourage a run by our source.  Reportedly, the plan is now to install NCGOP executive director Jason Simmons as the next NCGOP state chairman.

Our source tells us that Whatley described a Simmons chairmanship as “something Trump wants.”

Sources familiar with the workings of the NCGOP executive committee tell me there are no plans, as of yet, to hold any sort of multi-candidate election at this summer’s convention.  So, if Simmons is installed, he could very well serve until the end of Whatley’s unexpired term — which is some time in June 2025. 

If this comes to fruition, it would likely be seen as one more figurative kick-to-the-groin for North Carolina conservatives.   Earlier “kicks” include the selection of Whatley for the RNC post, as well as primary endorsements of Tim Moore, Virginia Foxx, and lobbyist Addison McDowell.

It’s becoming apparent that the ‘drain the swamp’ slogan from 2016 and 2020 will not be in play for 2024.  We’re seeing way too much love from Team Trump for some very swampy characters this go-around.