WRAL’s Laura Leslie: HB2 supporters to blame for Orlando shootings

Yep. She went THERE.  (We were so expecting “Gay Stuff!!!”™ Campbell over at The N&O to do it first.)   Laura Leslie appeared to show her true radical leftist colors on her Facebook page this weekend.  The page got sanitized, but we — via the power of screenshots — have the, um, *highlights*:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.02.01 PM

Got that?  A Muslim, ISIS-loving fanatic murders a bunch of people in a Florida night club (who happen to be gay), ISIS takes credit for the deed, and it is somehow the fault of North Carolina conservatives.  Amazing.  Drivebys try to convince us they deal in facts, not ideological rants.  Stuff like this confirms out suspicions about the crap the drivebys dish out to us daily.

But, wait.  Ms. Leslie WAS NOT DONE.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.00.39 PM

Has Laura NOT seen the footage of ISIS throwing homosexuals off of rooftops?  This guy in Orlando pledged allegiance to ISIS. Did she not see the reports of ISIS taking credit for this crime?  What happened to dealing in FACTS? (Jus’ sayin’.)

Ms. Leslie STILL was not done:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.02.58 PMbink

Interesting.  Her go-to news source here is the radically leftist Slate.  To turn Laura’s question around on her:  How far did the 9-11 hijackers travel — how many airports and other juicy soft targets did they pass — before reaching their destinations?

So, we NOW know what Laura Leslie thinks of you if you(1) are a Republican, (2) are a Christian, (3) support HB2, or (4) have concerns about radical Islam.  Scrubbing her Facebook timeline doesn’t fix this.  This stuff is still in her head.  Is it ethical for WRAL to continue to present her as an unbiased objective journalist when she is out there taking these hard left stances?



19 thoughts on “WRAL’s Laura Leslie: HB2 supporters to blame for Orlando shootings

  1. I read The Daily Haymaker to keep me up to date so I don’t have to read the N&O or listen to WRAL. Thank you.

  2. It is so lucky that Ms. Leslie gets to live in the wonderful USA. So far, there are no Christians OR Republicans thowing homosexuals off roofs here! But, there ARE people doing that exact thing in Muslim counties. They are also burning and decapitating Christians. Lucky for her, she is safe here in the USA. Well, other then those darn republicans and their menacing LAWS! Life is so hard.

  3. I will not be watching Ms. Leslie, WRAL, or any of these disengenuous drive by media types for any of my local news.

  4. I have completely stopped watching and listening to WRAL because they don’t report the news without including they’re own liberal and political views. I want to make up my own mind after they report it accurately with no bias. Laura Leslie brings very little to the table when she reports without her own personal slant with the exception of a squirrels nest !

  5. Ms Leslie, I will not be watching you anymore. You have shown your true colors. I am a Republician and a life time resident of NC. I believe everyone should live life how they want. I am not judgmental but I would never want a man in the same bathroom with my wife, daughter or granddaughters. I stand with Gov.McCrory . You are very ignorant if you don’t believe this horrible tragedy is the result of terrorism . You have loss one viewer on your liberal station.

  6. After tons of research, I couldn’t find if Ms. Leslie is an actual Lesbian or does she pretend to be for political capital with the LGBT community. Her passion in her journalistic creations seems she would identify as a lesbian although I can not find anything concrete? Does anyone know?

      1. Who cares about how they ”identify”. That is only a concern for the shrinks. What plumbing does this other person have?

        I note that Leslie flies the rainbow flag of bigoted hatred for Christians on her tweets.

    1. I have had actual conversations with Laura Leslie before she went to WRAL. She told me that she is a lesbian and that she was in a relationship with a female military veteran. She tried to use the fact that her lover is a veteran to bash anyone who had not served in the military with an ad hominem attack against the character of anyone who would question the radical homosexual agenda. She apparently felt that since she was sleeping with a lesbian that was a veteran, that made her morally superior and beyond reproach.

      1. It seems to me that any competent objective news media would realize that sending an activist to cover issues on which he/she has deep convictions is going to seriously undermine objectivity. But then again, nobody every suggested that the shrilly socialist WRAL under present ownership ever cared about objectivity. What they constantly spew in thier ”news” programming is really just ideological and partisan propaganda.

  7. Since Ms. Leslie has demonstrated her ability to quote scripture, I wonder if she is familiar with James 2:19. “You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.”

  8. BYE BYE WRAL you have also fallen to the far left and put out bias information to continue this war on your own people instead of where the problem really is. As long as this lady broadcast I am done with you!!

  9. WRAL is everything one would have expected out of Radio Moscow or Pravda in Stalin’s day. They are hard core leftists who operate in the world of propaganda, not news. The McClatchey newspapers are in the same orbit. Most of their employees would have probably been even happier serving Stalin than they are serving Obama today. If you look at some of the polling data on the attitudes of ordinary people toward our news media today, the majority of the public seems to comprehend that.

    If it was not for the internet, talk radio, and cable, most Americans would not have any access to real news any more.

    1. I never thought it could happen, but the (former) station of Jesse Helms, WRAL, is making the News and Observer look “Fair and Balanced.”

  10. People who know Jim Goodman and Mrs. Goodman tell me they are both mental cases who just flail around in liberal la-la land spending A.J. Fletcher’s money. Very sad considering that “Mr. A.J.” was one of North Carolina’s most distinguished citizens who did so much good.

  11. I quit watching WRAL a long time ago. She’s not the only one there that likes to steer most major issues to the left. Pushing blame for what took place in Orlando is nothing but idiotic.

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