Laura Leslie: Beware the “Crazy MFers with guns”

IMG_7896OK. Let’s review.  Last week, ISIS told us ALL that they were going to hit Florida.  This weekend, a d-bag named Omar — who, not coincidentally, pledged allegiance to ISIS — shot up a crowded gay bar in Orlando while shouting “Allah Akbar.”  (There is all kinds of footage out there showing ISIS goons in the Middle East tossing gay men off of the top of tall buildings. Not a very peaceable, open-minded bunch.)

And who does WRAL’s ace political reporter, Laura Leslie, believe is responsible for the Orlando massacre?  The folks who support North Carolina’s HB2

I had thought her valet, Binky, had cornered the market on saying and doing dumb things on social media.  But Miz Leslie appears to be giving her boy Friday a run for his money.  Here’s her latest:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.25.45 PM

She would never never never ever be allowed to hold a job like this if the ISIS crowd ran things.  They’d throw a bag over her head and tell her to shut up — to know her place. She’d stand a good chance of being stoned, tossed off a building, or being made a sex slave (um, okay THAT last one might be a stretch). 

More guns in that Orlando club very well could have saved some lives.  More guns in that Colorado movie theatre a few years back might very well have saved lives.

Using stuff like this to further disarm law-abiding people won’t fix a thing. Being mentally ill is not a crime.  How can you expect a counter clerk at a gun store to do a  proper psychological evaluation of each and every customer? 

I don’t see evidence of ol’ Omar being a mental patient. There is plenty out there suggesting he was a Muslim fanatic.  This guy had never been in trouble with the law.  But he had associations with known Islamic fanatics.  He pledged allegiance to ISIS.

People like Ms. Leslie like to caterwaul about “profiling” and all of its alleged injustices.  Let’s face it — 80 year old Catholic nuns are not strapping on suicide vests or crashing planes into buildings.




16 thoughts on “Laura Leslie: Beware the “Crazy MFers with guns”

  1. Ms. Leslie seems to be a reincarnation of Tokyo Rose. She is a propagandist, not a reporter. And she wants to goose step all over our Constitutional liberties.

    The problem out there is gun free zones. Those seem to attract the terrorists and the nuts. They know that no one will be armed to defend themselves. It is a known fact that Muslims hate homosexuals, so any homosexual venue that puts up signs that it is a gun free zone is recklessly endangering its patrons.

    Years ago, I regularly watched theTV news and read the News and Observer. It has now been years since I have done either. When their propaganda content overwhelms their news content, they are not worth watching or reading.

    1. Milo has just announced the UCF police say they cannot guarantee his safety or those attending. Today’s talk has been cancelled. He will be providing his own security on Wednesday, holding a press conference and delivering his speech then.

  2. Arm yourselves. LL will be the first one to wish there was someone with a gun around her when the s hits the fan. Oh, wait, she probably has armed security around her at all times like a good little elitist.

  3. There is no way this woman is a legitimate journalist. If she even graduated from journalism school, she didn’t learn anything about journalistic ethics. She is nothing but a shrill propagandist for wacky Jim Goodman. People who know Goodman well describe him as a nutcase.

  4. Let’s face it, Americans have never been more armed then they are today and we have never had more mass shootings then we do today.

    1. Did you ever notice that these terrorist and nutcase shootings all seem to happen in gun free zones? Even a liberal ought to be able to figure out that common denominator.

      Switzerland is much better. All able bodied male citizens are required to have a military rifle and ammo at home. Switzerland is a very safe country as a result.

      1. Did you ever notice that these terrorist and nutcase shootings all seem to happen in gun free zones?

        You mean like this last one, where the off-duty cop security guard traded fire with him, and still wasn’t able to stop it?

        Or the shooting at Fort Hood (“one of the largest military bases in the world”), where despite being shot at by military police (they missed), it only ended when he took his own life?

        etc. etc. etc.

        1. Clearly you have never served, or you would have known that for nearly every unit in service, stateside garrison is a gun free zone.

          1. No. Barry Summers (Eve) has never served in any honorable station in life.

            Barry has risen from ignominy merely to be an annoying professional leftwing nuisance who makes a living peddling second-rate glass-blown baubles at mediocre Asheville street fairs and whose sense of self-importance is as swollen as his horribly distended midsection.

        2. Hey Barry do you believe obama’s doing a good job. Are you aware Obama has resettled 750,000 refugees from countries that execute gays with virtually no screening? Are you and your gay pals comfortable with Hillary Climton who is in bed with these Muslim countries?

        3. Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan didn’t kill himself he is in military prison. 2nd point the military isn’t allowed to carry guns on the base. don’t you read before you post.
          what a tool!

    2. There is a single common cause to both the acceleration in the increase of gun ownership, as well as the exponential increase in radical leftist violence in America: President Obama’s sowing of hatred, division and class warfare. There have been more mass shootings under Obama than there were in the previous 5 Presidents combined, and the vast majority of those perpetrated by left wing loonies moved to outrage by the President’s irresponsible rhetoric.

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