#ncga: AND the arbiter of good taste on social media isssssssss …. Laura Leslie ???

I know. It’s kinda hard to believe she’s got the cojones to pop her head back up out of her hole after her performance last year.  Larry Pittman using the words Hitler and Lincoln in the same sentence?  How about Laura Leslie blaming Christians who backed HB2 for the mass murder at that Orlando gay night club last year?   (Still waiting on THAT apology.) 

A news organization with ANY integrity would have fired her, or at least removed her from any kind of politics beat after that Charlie Foxtrot.  But, hey, we are talking about WRAL.  You know, the organization that posts at their front door a quote from their founder extolling the virtues of objectivity while, at the same time, their current owner dumps wheelbarrows of cash on any leftist politician or organization that comes within five miles of him. (And I can imagine that — even after that whole slandering of Christians episode — Miz Leslie STILL came out smelling like roses when compared to the now-departed Mark “Gilligan” Binker.)