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#ncga: Has Bobby got it in the bag?

(And if so, is it a Donna Karan or Gucci bag?  Inquiring minds want to know.) I’ve heard from more than one Outer Banks voter about the scarcity of Republican US House candidate Bobby Hanig at candidate forums and other public events.  Granted, the guy…

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Fed judge: NC trannies NOT BARRED from opposite-sex restrooms

Any legislator who voted for HB142, the alleged compromise meant to soothe the rabid liberal media and PayPal among others, actually voted to allow dudes who look like ladies to powder their noses right alongside your mom, wife, daughter, sister, or girlfriend. And the LGBTQXYZ…

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NCGOPe all-stars cheer Easley crony’s staying power in Raleigh swamp

Every once in a while we get some evidence that — like in DC — Raleigh, and state government, are run by ONE big government-loving PARTY.  Look at what popped up on Twitter: Dan Gerlach was appointed head of The Golden Leaf Foundation in 2008….

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Next up for UNC snowflakes, rioters and statue-toppers: Kenan Stadium ???

That’s the hypothesis of the wise OLD man (and blogger) on the mountaintop, BobLee, who I frequently seek out for life-affirming warm fuzzies.  And, judging from one of the latest offerings from the UNC school paper, he may be on to something: Around thirty UNC…

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#ncpol: Obsessed with race and African socialism. Getting to Know Anita Earls

Since Barbara Jackson has decided to go away on vacation during this campaign season, we’ve decided to step forward and provide a little voter education.  Radical left-winger Anita Earls and Democrat plant Chris Anglin are trying to knock incumbent Republican Barbara Jackson off of the…

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#ncga: Indicted Steinburg aide ALSO working on Steinburg Invitational?

Judging from this email, it would appear to be so. Most politicians who have aides under indictment send them off to go spend more time with their families.  Not Bob Steinburg. Steinburg has Diana London, currently under indictment for one felony count of embezzlement, (1)…

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#ncga: Keepin’ it CLASSY.

We told you earlier about the resignation of a Moore County GOP official over state senator Tom McInnis.  The official is not just leaving his party office, according to the local paper in Moore County, but is also leaving the party itself: […] In the…

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#ncga: It’s GOOD to be the Ki — um, $peaker.

As a NC House GOPer, how on Earth do you have the nerve to lambaste the bad ol’ Jim Black days when you have David Lewis and Tim Moore out front as your leaders? A few days back, we learned that Speaker Timmy had latched…

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#ncga: Moore GOP official resigns in protest over Tom McInnis

The aftershocks from the nasty May state senate district 25 GOP primary are still being felt here in the North Carolina Sandhills. A well-connected county GOP source  supplied us with an email  sent by Bob Zschoche, president of the Moore County Republican Men’s Club, to…

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#ncga: A lawyer problem

I  must confess.  I have little to no use for most lawyers.  It’s an occupation where one is paid big bucks to lie, obfuscate, tap dance around and stomp all over ethics and morality and those sorts of things. They have no real skills —…