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Aahhh! Don’t you just love that leftist big-tent open-minded “tolerance” stuff?

    We on the right are frequently criticized by The Left and its comrades in the allegedly mainstream media for pushing “moderates” out of the GOP.  The latest example is the coverage of the retirement announcement by Senator Olympia Snowe (RINO-Maine).  It was stunning…

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Bev’s ESC chief joins ranks of NC’s unemployed

          The woman in charge of disbursing unemployment benefits to North Carolinians is, herself,  joining the ranks of the state’s unemployed: Lynn Holmes, the head of the state’s Division of Employment Security, is resigning effective April 15 to pursue new opportunities….

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An opportunity for Pat McCrory with state employees

    In 1995 —  just as Jim Hunt was launching his unprecedented reelection campaign for a FOURTH term as NC governor — I broke a story about top Hunt aides and supporters reportedly shaking down prospective state employees and their families for campaign contributions….

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Surprise! Bev actually DOES give a ‘frack’

Remember that speech where our esteemed governess — ahem — “joked” about suspending congressional elections so the honorables could do “the right thing” without having to worry about political repercussions? Well, now that Bev is not running for reelection — and doesn’t have to carry…

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GOP congressman drinks Occupy / Democrat kool-aid on taxing “the rich”

            AAAARRRRGH.  (*That’s my frustration noise.*)  We handed these Republicans a gift in 2010, gave them a mandate and specific instructions on how to proceed, and we get THIS: Freshman Republican Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas thinks he’s figured out…

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Don’t retreat. Re-aim.

          The Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner has an excellent piece of advice for state and national Republicans:  Get back to what put you in power in 2010.  (Can I get an Amen?)  : Do you remember in the days leading up…

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NC Senate GOP candidate Marcum publicly endorsed a Democrat in 2010

            Pinehurst’s John Marcum is one of three GOP candidates seeking the district 29 NC Senate seat this year.  Marcum is working hard to convince GOP activists to vote for him in May.  One problem he may have in doing…

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More on those scary conservative church-going Southerners …

  Mainstream media hacks — like Chris Matthews, for example — have been beating that dead horse about religious bigotry below The Mason-Dixon Line.  The old narrative used to be that Southerners would never vote for a Catholic like JFK.  Now, we’re allegedly bigoted against…

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Congressman McHenry’s GOP opponent levels crony capitalism charge

          Ken Fortenberry, Congressman Patrick McHenry’s GOP challenger in NC’s 10th district, is alleging that McHenry utilized his office and taxpayer funds to financially benefit himself and a business partner: A business partner and major political supporter of U.S. Rep. Patrick…

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Marcum vs. Moore Republican Women: Is The Fix IN on NC Senate race?

        Pinehurst’s John Marcum is taking the Moore County Republican establishment to task.  Marcum, a GOP candidate in the May primary for the NC Senate district 29 seat, says the county party leadership is ignoring him and another candidate from Moore to…