# NCGA & the tax shell game: cap THIS tax, then intro a NEW one

legislatureA couple of weeks ago, the frontline soldiers of Raleigh’s conservative revolution were targeting privilege taxes — tagging them as harmful to the economy. 

Now, we have the “honorables” on Jones Street installing a new sales tax on short-term residential rentals — just in time for the US Open in Pinehurst:

The U.S. Opens returns to Pinehurst in just three weeks, making short-term rentals in the small town a high demand.

Pinehurst is home to about 15,000 people. But the golf community is also a destination for many and state lawmakers have a plan that could impact those rentals.

State law requires that if a renter finds a home through a broker, they have to pay sales tax if they rent the home for 15 days or less. If a broker is not used to find the property, then it is not subject to a sales tax.

But in 2012, the Department of Revenue ruled that there would be no sales tax — broker or not.

On Thursday, the state House tentatively approved wording that would clear up any confusion and make sure sales tax is collected regardless of the 2012 Department of Revenue ruling. […]

“The law is what it’s always been, but it became very confusing,” said Rep. Julia Howard (R-Forsyth). “So, some people were collecting sales tax. The people in Pinehurst were following the law — they have been collecting the sales tax as they should.

“Knowing that the U.S. Open is coming quickly, we’re trying to clean this up for that.”

Dale Folwell won’t give this woman a state job, and the rest of us get to feel her wrath.  Jamie Boles — Moore County’s legislator — voted for this new tax.  So did GOP US Senate nominee Thom Tillis.  MORE:biggovt

Lawmakers are looking to get the new law on the books by June 1, just two weeks before the Open. According to Trevor Johnson, spokesman for the N.C. Department of Revenue, the legislation under consideration would make properties rented through brokers subject to state sales tax. Those that are rented without a broker would not be subject to the tax.

Homes in Pinehurst can rent for thousands of dollars when the Open is played at Pinehurst No. 2.


*Sigh.* When you give these people a choice between shrinking government — backing government out of our lives — and digging their claws deeper into our wallets and business, they will choose raiding our wallets every doggone time.