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SEANC: Democrat Party mouthpiece

I’ve been getting some — ahem — “love letters” from people defending the State Employees Association of North Carolina from my insinuations that the group is little more than a front group for the Democrat establishment.    (I previously published a report from a Democrat…

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Raise taxes on us? How about getting Bev to DO HER JOB FIRST????

        Our Nobel Prize-winning,  Pulitzer prize-contending local paper here in Moore County is at it again — parroting the leftist views of its owners and making their Democrat masters in Raleigh proud.  Editorializing about Lame-Duck Bev’s demand for $$$ mo’ money $$$ for…

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We’re #4!!!! (Um … yay ???)

The N&O was pondering why Boss Bev was not tooting her horn about a slight drop in recent unemployment figures.  (North Carolina’s rate FELL from 10% down to 9.9%. Most of that can be explained by tricky bureaucratic math reducing the size of the “work…

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Confusion on Amendment One? (Gee, I wonder WHY … )

Public Policy Polling, A Democrat consulting firm based in Durham, has declared that there is  A LOT of confusion among voters on the upcoming referendum on amending the state constitution.  Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that the Democrats, the professional left, and their…

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More fracking nonsense

    Two North Carolina state House Republicans are throwing in with the fact-less, scare-tactic left on fracking.  The N&O dutifully reports on opposition research dug up by its masters at NC Democrat Party HQ. BarryO’s EPA says it sees no safety concerns with fracking….

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One out of every FIVE NC drivers has No license ???

            Yep.  That’s what AAA says: UNC Charlotte student Lauren Brown says driving without a license is no good, “It’s scary though, if anything.” The 19 year old just bought her car and says if someone with no license and…

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WRAL poll: Voters — even Republicans — give thumbs-down to NCGA

Voters gave Republicans a majority in the NC General Assembly and a clear mandate to cut government and taxes in 2010. Two years later, we’ve got minimal cuts in government and NOTHING in the way of tax relief.  We’ve got legislators close to the Speaker…

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Frackin’ & Marryin’ : Media’s omissions help push leftist agenda

You could call it sloppy, lazy reporting. You could call it conveniently leaving out inconvenient facts in order to spin a story the way you want it to go.  But a lot of North Carolina media — especially locally — seem to be giving us…

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Don’t Debate Her. RUN OVER HER.

    Our highly unpopular governor is passing on running for reelection.  Our state’s economy is in the tank.  Our unemployment rate is higher than the national average.  The Tea Party pushed a GOP majority into power in the General Assembly with a clear mandate…

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Unemployment Rate UP in 95 of NC’s 100 counties

The North Carolina Department of Commerce has released figures showing unemployment rose during January in 95 of the state’s 100 counties.  (The rate decreased in three counties and held steady in two.) Wait. I thought Barry and Bev and their comrades at The N&O told…