#ncga: Bids? We don’t need no stinkin’ bids !!!

BlazingSaddles8x6There is an interesting pattern developing among the honorables on Jones Street.  All of a sudden here, we have various honorables introducing legislation trying to exempt their local sheriff from state requirements to seek competitive bids, advertise the process, and basically be transparent in their handling of taxpayer money.  Specifically, this wave of legislation deals with jail food service. 

First, we had a couple of legislators from Alamance County trying to take care of their sheriff.  Then, we had Richard Morgan’s great-great-great-grandma Julia Howard trying to look after the Davie County Jail with a special exemption.

Now, we have Rep. Michele Presnell introducing legislation exempting the sheriffs of Haywood, Madison and Yancey counties from that whole bidding and transparency thing in their contracts for jail food service.

It makes you wonder. Is there some big contributor out there aiming to corner the market on jail food service?  is there a legislator’s relative or close friend in the food service industry seeking to utilize his or her political connections in expanding their business?