#ncga: Mr. Dollar, I do believe your pants are ON FIRE.

dollarWell, the crotch-sniffing finished over on Jones Street today, and we have ourselves a new slate of candidates for the UNC Board of Governors.  Sixteen names made the cut  — 14 of which happen to be Republicans.  (One was registered unaffiliated, and one was a Democrat.)

The shenanigans surrounding the last vote for Board of Governors have been well-documented.  This year’s hijinks appear to be on track for surpassing those of last year. 

It does appear that state Rep. Nelson Dollar (R) DID get his Democrat on the board.    However, my sources inside the House Republican caucus tell me that Dollar paid a big price to get Mr. Davenport a seat at the table.pearl-burris-floyd

The Republicans gathered to mull over and discuss the list of candidates for the board earlier today.  One of my sources told me that several legislators noticed the absence of Pearl Burris-Floyd from the list of candidates.  Burris-Floyd, who is black, is a former GOP legislator and county commissioner from Gaston County.  

Dollar was asked about the absence of Burris-Floyd’s name from the candidate list.  According to one of my sources, this is where the “fun” began:

”Nelson said Pearl asked to have her name dropped from the list of candidates.  Several caucus members spoke up at that point, expressing skepticism about what Nelson was telling us.  Julia Howard called Pearl’s house and talked with a family member who said she did not ask for her name to be removed from the list. Julia came back and reported that, and quite a few of us got, let’s say, hot under the collar.  The, um, gentleman from Wake County was apparently lying to us.”

My sources tell me that the assembled caucus members began to press Dollar for details about his alleged discussion with Burris-Floyd.  Some caucus members demanded to see the email Dollar said Burris-Floyd sent asking her name be removed from consideration.Liar_Liar_poster

At that point, my sources told me Dollar confessed that Burris-Floyd had not asked that her name be removed from the list.  My sources tell me that Dollar admitted to pressuring Burris-Floyd to drop out of consideration so that there would be room for some of his political allies to be considered.  One source described the ensuing reaction:

”Most of the crowd said they were not leaving the room until Ms. Burris-Floyd’s name was put back on the list.  A number of legislators promised Mr. Dollar that, if he or any other member of the leadership attempted any further monkey business in reference to Ms. Burris-Floyd, he and they would be subjected to some withering, fire-and-brimstone verbal attacks on the House floor in front of the media, the public, the Democrats and God Almighty.  Needless to say, Ms. Burris-Floyd’s name was put back on the list and the ballot for the voting.  She ended up being the top vote-getter.”

A number of my sources who were in the room for all of this tell me that terminology such as “coup,” “mutiny”, and “vote of no confidence” was being bandied about as the meeting broke up.  Stay tuned. 

12 thoughts on “#ncga: Mr. Dollar, I do believe your pants are ON FIRE.

    1. Maybe he ought to remember what happened to his predecessor, David Minor. Minor started playing footsie with the Democrats as part of the RIchard Morgan clique, and primary voters dumped him and put in Dollar iinstead. Pushing a liberal Democrat for an important policy position sounds more like David Minor than Nelson Dollar, but here Dollar has gone and done it. These sorts of actions may well inspire another primary.

  1. Quite candidly, any GOP House Member who voted for Nelson Dollar’s man Davenport should be required to submit to a psychiatric examination. This has to be one of the most stupid acts of the Republicans yet. It would appear that the House GOP Caucus has devolved into a zoo without a zookeeper. This vote is so bizarre it’s difficult to even define its specific pathology.

  2. I think it may be time for Nelson to give politics a break! A Dollar just doesn’t go that far nowadays. I really hope he has found a decent tailor!

  3. Geez. I’m already praying for the session to end before these lying big government Republicans jack our taxes further and destroy our freedom with forced innoculations or worse. Awful.

  4. Why are all these people so hard on Nelson for? He is a good guy helping all us dems out. We need more Representatives like Mr. Dollar to greatly improve our message in the NC House.
    Please send yours check to

    Dems for Dollar
    Raleigh NC

    PS: A Dollar a Day keeps the Dems Gay

    1. Now you’re learning. Remember the money you send to the GOP helps the Dems. It’s the only way and my mentor and friend the former Democrat GuVERNer Jim Hunt would be proud of you.

      Let’s help Dollar help the Dems and send in your dollars for Dollar’s efforts to help our Democrat friends. Hey what’s the problem its your money you can’t do with it what you want, but we can, and we choose to help the Dems. Go RepubliCon!. Send in your dollars for Dollar today.

      Your RepubliCon GuVERNer

  5. “Jim Hunt is a hero of mine, he’s a mentor of mine, and the state has been so fortunate to have him in leadership in so many different ways,” he said. “From the day I came in office and was sworn in and then sworn at at times, he’s been a great adviser to me.” Republican Governor Patrick McCrory

    Source: https://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=6952

    Same Repubublican Governor citing his Republican mentors and Republican heros and those he notes as Republican advisors…crickets, crickets, crickets………2 hours later…..crickets, crickets, crickets…..

    Kind of makes you feel all warm inside ready to fire up the pen and stroke out a check to ole’ NCGOP doesn’t it. You know to have more Republican influence in state government and all under the leadership and advisement of former democrat governors and all the other democrats your dollars helped to put in leadership.

    Keep drinking up! Kool-Aid is good for you!!!

  6. The Senate came up with some great nominees for the BOG. What is wrong with the House? How did the House leadership allow this to happen?

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