#ncga: Nanny Jeter

nanny state n. Informal

A government perceived as having excessive interest in or control over the welfare of its citizens, especially in the enforcement of extensive public health and safety regulations.


We’ve heard about the legislature attempting to subsidize grocers to set up shop in poor neighborhoods and start forcing “healthy” food on the people of said communities. Now, comes Mecklenburg County’s representative Charles Jeter (R) who wants to spend taxpayer money on “green teachers.’‘  jeter

Here are all the gory details:


The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts: SECTION 1.(a) There is appropriated from the General Fund to the Department of Public Instruction the sum of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. These funds shall be used by the Green Teacher Network, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, for a three-year pilot program to transform two Title I schools into outdoor learning centers, based on a national model developed by Real Green Schools. Ten years of data on schools using this model show significant improvements in academic performance, teacher effectiveness, and health andHelga-Nanny-State behavioral issues at the schools. Under this model, teachers receive extensive training for three years to connect school gardens to curriculum while supporting healthy eating habits through proven project-based learning. The total campus is transformed into an outdoor learning center with the 15 support of corporate partners. Supplemental assessment of the model is being developed through the Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


5 thoughts on “#ncga: Nanny Jeter

  1. Okay, $250K is a lot of money to me, but it is hardly a drop in the bucket of the Secondary Education budget of the state (over 3 years). If this program shows,as it says; “…significant improvements in academic performance, teacher effectiveness, and health” it seems like a good investment. Getting student’s hands dirty with some good productive work while gaining some self sufficiency skills seems like valuable lessons to me.

  2. Welcome to Big Government Jeter’s Brave New World of NC!

    Does rooming with liberal representative Paul Tine make a Republican go totally Al Gore on us? Is that Jeter’s problem?

    How much Global Warmist propaganda are they fed for the main course at those ”green schools”. Anything ”green” these days is steeped in the leftwing political ideology of Global Warmist, also known as the cult of Climate Sccientology.

    It sounds like you have identified another leftie Republican who badly needs a primary.

  3. He is our little Jetter Bug and lord knows that Tine has shown him the ropes. Now more than ever I believe he has been tide down, and If he liked it is still up for debate.

    Log Cabin Republican

    Big Daddy

  4. These people have too much time on their hands. Let’s repeal laws instead of making up stuff .

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