#ncga: Jeff Tarte’s shots bill, “the greater good,” and religious freedom

biggovtThree state senators have introduced a bill removing the state’s religious exemption for immunizing minor children.   On the face of it, most people may see it as entirely reasonable to require immunizations against some of the more serious diseases out there.

But shots are not fool-proof nor fail-safe.  The CDC pointed out that a lot of people who got flu shots last year STILL got the flu thanks to a mutation of the virus. And there is an uptick in serious diseases — that we thought we had licked — thanks to the unrestrained flow of illegal aliens across the border

Some proponents of this legislation are arguing: What’s the big deal?  This religious exemption only affects a few people. 

From what I’ve seen during my time on this Earth — you give the government an inch, and they take a mile.   (Social security and welfare — when they were first passed — were supposed to be temporary programs to help a small segment of people navigate through a crisis.) Letting the government stomp on one religious belief will lead to the stomping on others in the future.  You can count on that.

*You don’t want to ordain gay ministers or marry gay people in your church?  It’s for the greater good that discrimination in all forms be vanquished.  We’re going to pass a law mandating that — if you want to keep your church’s doors open — you host gay wedding receptions, ordain gay ministers, allow gay youth leaders, and anything else we think of.*

It’s a slippery slope, folks.  Our Founding Fathers had some serious concerns about government sinking its talons into religion.  Look no further than the Church of England’s harassment of Puritans — which led to their fleeing to America and the founding of the Massachusetts colony.

Think two or three or four times before smacking down religious exemptions.

22 thoughts on “#ncga: Jeff Tarte’s shots bill, “the greater good,” and religious freedom

  1. Tarte’s bill is clearly unconstitutional under the FIrst Amendment. I am really surprised that a Republican would offer legislation to restrict religious liberty. This bill needs to remain in Purgatory, not on the legislative calendar.

  2. Jeff Tarte is clearly very connected to the medical industry and it will be no surprise to see a large up tick in his donations from them for pushing a product that North Carolinian’s don’t want to buy.

    1. Isn’t he also a close ally of Thom Tillis?

      When will this crowd attack religious freedom of bakeries and florists and require them to provide service to homosexual weddings or be put out of business?

    2. I urge everyone to research the history of vaccines and the origins of the Pharmaceutical Companies. The US Government did vaccinate many during the Spanish Flu pandemic. Many died from these vaccines because they contained deadly pathogens like pertussis. So, they were not very effective. In the fifties the NIH, and Tulane University worked on the Polio Vaccines of Salk and Sabin. There were many problems with these vaccines and sadly many became infected with Polio. With the development of the Polio Vaccine many viruses were also introduced including cancer causing viruses that can be inherited like SV 40. These came from infected monkeys. Along the way they also made weaponized vaccines with the intent to assassinate Castro. Today’s` vaccines have additives that have poisons and known carcinogens as well as Human Diploid (from aborted fetuses) and bovine cells that have not been screened of mad cow disease. Now the Pharmaceutical Companies have had legislation passed that absolves them from liability. The burden on families is huge when a child is irreparably damaged from a vaccine. Those who choose not to vaccinate their children are often abused or fired by their Doctors. Vaccines are dangerous and there is no guarantee they will protect you. It says that in the inserts. It also says there are side effects, some serious or fatal. Look up the Universities that have current bioweapons programs. Are the pharmaceutical companies creating diseases in order to create vaccines?

  3. He probably also strongly supports the death penalty. It’s another expensive government program that sometimes makes mistakes and he doesn’t worry about the risk because it only impacts a small number of innocent people.

    I wonder when he’ll talk about who pays for those mandatory vaccinations that big pharma profits so nicely from?

  4. The uptick in diseases are actually caused by people not vaccinating their children, not by the “unrestrained flow of illegal aliens” let’s put the blame where it belongs… on anti-vax nuts who believe they know more than scientists.

    1. So the rise in those diseases which were uncommon or not even present until we were overrun with illegal aliens who had those diseases is caused by American citizens? Bull! What flavor of leftwing koolaid are you drinking?

    2. There is no place for forced vaccination in a free society.

      What About the Immunocompromised?
      #1: Most immunosuppressed kids can be vaccinated
      #2: Children can get MMR & chickenpox vaccines post-chemo
      #3: Keep recently vaxed kids home to protect the immunocompromised
      #4: Vaccinated kids spread disease
      #5: Most adults are considered unvaccinated
      #6: Vaccine injury is real
      #7: What deadly epidemic?
      The bottom line: Sacrifice your parental rights to make medical decisions for your child — for whose benefit?
      Vaccine Epidemic: http://fearlessparent.org/what-about-the-immunocompromised/

      Vaccinated kids DO spread disease:

      • Transmission of varicella-vaccine virus from a healthy 12-month-old child to his pregnant mother.

      • Per the CDC, this quote is subtly included, “A small proportion of measles vaccine recipients experience rash and fever 10–14 days following vaccination.”


      Parents might not want to ignore that detail before giving the vaccine to their child. Or taking their recently vaccinated child to school and around immune-compromized grandma and new babies. Or to Disney.

      • Detection of fecal shedding of rotavirus vaccine in infants following their first dose of pentavalent rotavirus vaccine.

      • This case documents transmission of varicella vaccine type virus from a healthy vaccinee to susceptible household contacts.


      • “These data illustrate, to our knowledge, the first detailed genomic analysis of a V-Oka variant (V-Oka-zoster) isolated from a zoster patient following vaccination with GlaxoSmithKline V-Oka vaccine.”


      • “Five months after 2 siblings were immunized with varicella vaccine, 1 developed zoster. Two weeks later the second sibling got a mild case of chicken pox. Virus isolated from the latter was found to be vaccine type.

      Thus, the vaccine strain was transmitted from the vaccinee with zoster to his sibling. Vaccinees who later develop zoster must be considered contagious.”


      • Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination.”


      • “Vaccine-associated measles five weeks post-immunization, British Columbia, Canada, October 2013″

      • “Excretion of vaccine strain measles virus in urine and pharyngeal secretions of a child with vaccine associated febrile rash illness, Croatia, March 2010”


      • “Measles virus was isolated in a throat swab taken 4 days after fever onset. This virus was then further genetically characterized as a vaccine-type virus.

      Fever occurring subsequent to measles vaccination is related to the replication of the live attenuated vaccine virus.

      In the case presented here, the vaccine virus was isolated in the throat, showing that subcutaneous injection of an attenuated measles strain can result in respiratory excretion of this virus.”


      • Toddler Survives Smallpox Vaccination: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSN1744524120070518…

      • The MERCK Manual (1966) “Measles is usually a benign infection with a low mortality rate; 1 attack apparently confers lifelong immunity.”

      1. Thank you for posting the links with statistics. I trust you sent this to your elected official. Follow the money.

      2. Caryn, why are most of your citations from opinion pieces? Sure it looks intellectual but it is still someone’s opinion. The more reliable sources you use are cherry picked to support your argument. Therefore not accurate when taken out of context. Sure there are those who should not get vaccinated, which is one reason why government mandates are absurd. However, it is just as absurd to condemn vaccinations. They work remember we had eradicated measles and many other childhood disease which were fatal.

  5. I’ll pose the same question here I posed over at Pundithouse, can someone help explain the specific nature of the religious exemption, i.e., do all religions object to vaccinations? and what is the religious objection to vaccinations for which this exemption exists?

    Further, I’d be interested to know how many here speaking out against this bill have decided against vaccinating their own children.

    1. My children are vaccinated, because I did not know that human DNA (from the aborted fetal cell line in which several of the vaccines are cultivated) contaminates the vaccines. I also was unaware that the aluminum that is injected into my children’s bloodstreams NEVER leaves their bodies. My daughter did not receive the last MMR, and Lord willing, I will never allow anyone to administer another flu shot or another vaccine to my children unless and until I am convinced of the safety and necessity of the same.

      I have done my research and want the freedom to make my own healthcare choices for my family. I’m not dictating to you or to anyone else, and I’d like to ask for the same courtesy, please. SB346 is a step closer to Nanny Government. When and where does that end, pray tell? I’m fine with homeschooling my children and hope that reassures those who are so convinced of the “herd immunity” myth. MY children. Until you’ve sat up all night long just watching your child to make sure he’s still breathing, don’t you or anyone dare tell me what must be injected into my child, or when, or how much, or how often. Thank you.

    2. Well, I can’t speak to the issue in religious terms but as a researcher in the life sciences and a constitutionalist, I’d have to oppose this bill because it’s both, an un-warranted intrusion by government into family life and not well grounded in science. As Rafael put it, those long absent illnesses are being imported into this country, and just because our government refuses to secure our borders doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to pay the price with proposed new laws like this.

    3. Eric, This is a problem that is about losing more of our freedoms and NOT just about vaccinations. Wait until you have children and you’ll understand how horrible this bill is. The bill also requires that you vaccinate your children according to the CDC schedule which means that YOU have no choice but to allow your little baby to be given 6 to 8 vaccinations at one time. Common sense tells anyone that is wrong. My daughter in laws father is a physician and he insisted that our little granddaughters, ages 1 and 3, have their vaccinations spaced out and not be given 6 to 8 at a time. They are fully vaccinated at their parents pace and NOT by the CDC schedule. There is much more involved in this bill that takes away freedom and parental rights and that bothers me greatly. I and my children are vaccinated and always have been. I get a flu shot every year too but that is MY choice. This is a very bad bill because the government wants to control what we do with our children but parents are the ones who should make those decisions. I am vehemently opposed to this bill and am ashamed that a man who says he is a Republican would sponsor such a bill.

  6. Instead of trying to restrict people’s choices, the good Senator should actually be introducing legislation that EXPANDS Choice. Everyone disturbed by what is happening here should demand that legislation be introduced that expands and designates Philosophical Exemption Choice.

    I am also particularly concerned about the fact that Senator Tarte’s wife is a Pediatrician, thus there is a serious conflict of interest here. People should demand the legislation be withdrawn on this basis alone.
    The question isn’t even if you do or do not believe in the potential benefit of vaccination. This is and should be about the rule of law and our Natural Rights. The government has no role in forcing any kind of medical procedure. It’s about Informed Consent. The demands of forced medical procedures (if they get away with this, it won’t stop there – there’s always that slippery slope) violate our Constitution, all medical ethics of Informed Consent, the Hippocratic Oath and International Law established at the Nuremberg Trials after WWII.
    I am absolutely astonished at the utter stupidity of the average person who does not have enough common sense to ask the $64 Million dollar question: If a vaccine really and truly is effective and guards to prevent a disease, then why should you or anyone else care when someone makes the informed, personal choice decision to not vaccinate? Common sense tells me and should tell you that what I do or do not choose to do should be of no concern to you or others. Unless the vaccines don’t actually work, which is what appears to be happening now. So-called “herd immunity” is total fantasy. That’s made up by the pharmaceutical companies to hide the fact that perhaps their vaccines aren’t really all that effective. Again, ask yourself, if it works and you are vaccinated, why should you worry or care what someone else does?
    Here’s a great interview that Dr. Greg Brannon did about a month ago. He can speak to both the medical as well as constitutional issues: http://billlumaye.blogspot.com/2015/03/dr-greg-brannon-on-mandatory-vaccines.html

    1. The old Watergate mantra – ”follow the money”! Tarte’s wife will profit from this legislation, while our freddoms take a back seat.

  7. Currently the children whose parents want them to be vaccinated are. They are protected from the diseases they would be exposed to if they went unvaccinated. Those parents should be happy and satisfied. Parents who choose not to vaccinate do so for a number of reasons. Whether you agree with them or not, it is better in my mind to err on the side of freedom. As someone pointed out recently, even an athiest should have the right to make these decisions for their children.
    The slippery slope I see is if we begin to require that all people entering the country are vaccinated. Will we have check points at the airports? Cruise ships? Will this be a work requirement? Who will pay for those who cannot afford it? Will this legislation require the creation of more bureaucracy? This would be a wonderful excuse for microchipping people. This legislation is a dream come true for Big Pharma. It is in my mind totally unnecessary and troubling for freedom loving Americans. And a Republican is sponsoring it.

  8. Come to think of it, Bill and Melinda Gates will donate money for the vaccinations. Then we will all be microchipped and Microsoft computers will track us. This is Obamacare and Common Core all rolled into one.

  9. I cant think of a possible reason a government would be justified in forcing someone to inject anything into “their” children, regardless of whether the objection was based in religion or something else.

    Also, I always hear as part of the argument for “government should do this” the reasoning that “well, it’s safe”.

    But it occurs to me… what if that “were not” the case. Suppose, hypothetically, that the vaccination had a 0.5% chance of immediate death or serious illness.

    Does that change the government’s justification for forcing someone to have it injected into a child? Not the question of “should they or shouldnt they”, but the more basic question of “should they have the power and the right, to even consider the question”.

    Would they still have the right to make that determination? If it changes… why? *shrug*

      1. Atnor have you looked at the vaccination schedule? I have 2 grandchildren and they are both exhibiting allergies when none run in both sides of the families involved.

  10. There have been some good comments here but would like to interject some food for thought. Are you aware that parents have to sign a waiver to prevent them from suing the doctor or the pharmaceutical company from damages incurred due to vaccines? Why would they be exempt from prosecution but if we keep our children out of public school without documentation of them being home schooled then we can be prosecuted for not putting our children in mandatory government indoctrination.
    Follow the money. Big Pharma is a multi billion business annually. Who stands to gain the most?
    Since the MMR shot was introduced there has come to light that there are over 23 different strains of measles. It was rare for anyone to die from measles but the CDC does report damages to some children from this booster. Since the MMR was introduced the measles has mutated into something that looks like something from a sci-fi flick as in the case of the incident at Disney World.
    If we continue to remove these childhood diseases then if there is an epidemic down the road these diseases introduced to individuals as adults will be deadly. Having the disease actually gives one a life time immunity.
    This is a very slippery slope to go down but if enough people don’t wake up to fight back then we will have lost all our freedoms. Take the time to write your elected officials and express your disdain of this encroachment in our lives.
    Take the time to check out the ingredients in the vaccines and make a decision based on your needs. Last time I looked formaldehyde is used for embalming, aluminum is a metal and should not be injected into humans and polysorbate 80 is used for sterilization. It is time to fight back against the bureaucrats.

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