#ncga: Is Jeff Tarte about to go all Bob Etheridge on us?

etheridgeIt appears that state Senator Jeff Tarte likes to dish it out, but sure can’t take it.  He worked overtime spinning negative stories about Greg Brannon during the 2014 US Senate primary. Jeff apparently finds it to be a lot of fun to embarass someone publicly.

But just try to ask him some pointed questions, and he just FLIPS OUT.  Exhibit One: This video shot by guerilla cameraman Chuck Suter.   Granted, Chuck can be a bit in-your-face.  But, if you watch the linked video, you’ll notice he really didn’t get rude with Tarte.  He walks into a small informal gathering featuring Tarte, and the legislator appears to just lose his cool at the very sight of Suter.

Exhibit Two:  Conservative activist Nicole Revels and some children paid Tarte a visit at his legislative office.  According to this video, Revels — as a constituent — wanted to ask Tarte about his bill abolishing the religious exemption for immunizing children.  On camera, you can tarte1see Tarte’s demeanor change dramatically upon seeing Revels in his office.  He gets up from his chair and rushes out to find the sergeant-at-arms.  Revels ask him if the camera is a problem for him, and Tarte responds “No. It’s you.”

It’s an unusual response.  Revels is an attractive young woman who most men would be more eager to talk to or hit on than to call the police on. She doesn’t appear to get rude –at all — with Tarte.  But the legislator, on camera, has security lead Revels and the group of children away from the office.  

Here’s an on-camera interview Tarte did with Revels in October 2014.  The discussion was very calm and civil.  Tarte did not seem to mind Revels being in his presence, then.

In politics, you have to expect that someone could put a camera on you at any time.  You have two choices: (1) be polite, answer the questions, and walk on, or (2) take the Bob Etheridge route.  And we have all seen how, um, “well” the Etheridge route works.  


10 thoughts on “#ncga: Is Jeff Tarte about to go all Bob Etheridge on us?

  1. This is what is wrong in Raleigh. We replaced some moderate dems with Progressive Repubs. If he can’t take the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen. He also did not appreciate getting over 2500 petitions against his proposed legislation. He also called the Sargent at Arms on Patti Curran. He is not God and has no right to expect tax paying citizens to agree with him. His legislation is unconstitutional on the Federal and State level.
    The good citizens of Buncombe County need to replace him in the next election. He is a dangerous individual. Wake up North Carolinians,it is time to fight back to preserve our freedoms. It is sad that this type of individual would attack a reputable physician such as Dr. Greg Brannon. Everyone in the state needs to think about changing their registration cards to unaffiliated.

    1. Your last sentence just plays into the hands of the RINO’s. It is what they want conservatives to do, because it neutralizes our impact in politics. The Republican Party stands for conservative principles. The problem is we have some wishy-washy or worse politicians who abuse our party line by being supporters of different principles. It is up to conservatives to get our party back from such people, not go AWOL and bail out. Conservatives need to stand tall and fight, not cut and run.

      1. That’s exactly right. I know some very good County Party leaders who are at their wits’ end because their Parties are becoming anemic due to constant defections, and all because Republican legislators in Raleigh and Washington betray us at every opportunity. There are ways to strike back but to do so, conservatives must swell the ranks of the Party, not desert it, and loudly demand reform.

      2. Raphael,you are probably right but I get pissed off with hypocrites that tell us what they think we want to hear and then do something else. Look at Mark Walker in the 6th district. I am still a registered Republican but will be cautious about donating any money. I made a vow to myself to start calling weekly to my state reps to make them aware that I am paying attention. I still call DC weekly. It is my duty.

      3. Thank you, Raphael, for encouraging conservative Republicans to stay active in the GOP and do unrelenting battle for the principles stated in the Republican Party Platform and the U.S. Constitution.

        The RINOs want conservatives to throw in the towel and register “Unaffiliated,” because “Unaffiliated” voters have no real voice or power. You will consign yourself to a political desert, because there is no viable third party, right now.

        Want more influence? Become active in your county GOP. Get elected to an Executive Committee office; be elected as a Delegate to the Conventions, so you can vote on Party issues. Become a Precinct worker. Become a big, prickly burr under the RINOs’ blanket. It’s gratifying to make ’em squeal.

        Be someone who your local Party can rely on to do the job right. Show up, consistently, at Party events and meetings. Make it clear that you expect your politicians and leaders to behave and pass legislation, consistent with the U. S. Constitution and the GOP Platform.

        Watch your politicians’ voting records, and when they go off the rails, give them an earful about it. Let them know that you won’t be donating to them or to the RNC, until they straighten up.

        Make the RINOs get THEIR hearts and votes right, or get out. They are the ones in the wrong Party, not the conservatives.

        As long as we have Republican Congressmen like Mark Meadows, Walter Jones, Ted Cruz, and Jeff Sessions, I’ll stick with the GOP. Sure, I get angry when I see Boehner, McConnell, and their ilk, behaving like Pelosi’s perfumed, pompom-footed toy Poodles, but they are not conservatives.

        Don’t let them drive you out. Make THOSE squishy, Vichy SOBs leave, instead.

    2. Senator Tarte is from Mecklenburg, Cornelius, to be exact. He is pals with Thom Tillis.

  2. They were all out to destroy Greg Brannon, like the establishment is now trying to do to Ted Cruz.

  3. Tarte was very rude to Nicole. After we left, the Sgt at Arms tells us we need to be respectful. Notice that he walked past us looking for the trouble makers- that is in the film. When I told him we were respectful and gave him an earful, he threatens to call the police. Wish they would have used some common sense. He is in a government building. He’s discussing taking our natural rights away. Last night he wrote a post on his FB wall about Nicole. No matter his issues with anyone- he needs to listen to we the people. His behavior is unbecoming of his office.

  4. A primary is desperately needed in this district. What are John Aneralla or John Rhodes doing these days?

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