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Media SOOOOOOOOO Wrong on NC-03, post-Jones

  It’s one thing to smack around the drivebys for being stupid and inaccurate.  It’s a travesty when  the folks allegedly on OUR SIDE are doing the same.  Case in point, the frenzy over who will replace the late Walter Jones, who is being laid to rest this week. John Gizzi — who I was a big fan of when  he was at Human Events — tells us in Newsmax…

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Keepin’ it Classy: NCGOP using Walter Jones funeral to harvest email addresses for fundraising

  Yep.  Grandpa Hip-Replacement and his crew on Hillsborough Street just keep the hits coming.  Look at what showed up in email inboxes this week: For those of you who don’t know, this is a ghost-written  letter distributed by the NCGOP’s communications director  Jeff Hauser. Hauser is best known for: (1) posting oodles of vile and profane messages about Walter Jones across social media over the last four years or…

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#ncpol: Walter Jones, RIP.

I’ve been on a roller coaster ride over the years with Walter Jones.  In the early 90s, while in DC, a fellow North Carolinian started telling me about this rebellious conservative Democrat in the North Carolina House.  “He’s one to keep your eye on,” my friend told me. No joke.  Walter B. Jones, Jr. left us today — his 76th birthday —  for that grand journey through the pearly gates….

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NC-03: Going really really really really LOW …

  I’ve seen some despicable, low-down things in my time around politics.  But spreading false rumors about the death of someone struggling with a  serious illness ranks right down there with the worst: Some of you may recall that Mr. Parrott was Jones’s 1996 opponent in the Third Congressional District race.  (One of those compassionate Democrats.)  He’s well known as a  HUGE Walter-hater.   Here’s a link to Parrott’s Facebook…

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NC-03: More vultures?

While incumbent congressman Walter Jones recovers from an injury and the resulting surgery, a number of Republicans are already jockeying to replace him. We’ve heard from perennial candidate Phil Law.  Now, state Rep. Phil Shepard (R-Onslow) is stepping out there publicly: Law and Sheppard would appear to be fighting over the same base of supporters in the Jacksonville area. For what it’s worth, the name of Jonathan Brooks — a…

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NC-03: Walter Jones A-OK following surgery. Vultures disappointed. (Film at 11.)

Tongues were wagging all up and down the Third Congressional District as word spread about  congressman Walter  Jones being rushed to the hospital the other night. (We’re hearing reports about folks already announcing candidacies and lining up support to replace Jones — who just got reelected in November. ) Well, Tom Lamprecht — a popular radio host over on the coast — has put the kibosh on rumors of Jones’s demise….

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#nc-03: Walter Jones not done yet with Scott Dacey

The votes may be counted and the results finalized for the May primary.  But the first place finisher in the 3rd district GOP congressional primary, Walter Jones, is not quite finished with third-place finisher Scott Dacey. According to a statement issued from the Jones campaign, the congressman is appealing to the state board of elections about alleged misconduct during the primary by the Dacey campaign: […] The May 2018 Republican…

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Walter Jones to Scott Dacey: ‘See You in Court.’

The bloody primary for the 3rd congressional district GOP nomination is over. But it sounds like there will be further discussions, involving lawyers and judges, between two of the campaigns involved. Congressman Walter Jones was on Wednesday’s “Tom and Sadie” radio program talking about the election aftermath.  “Tom” asked Jones about the Dacey ad alleging ties between Jones and George Soros.  The host mentioned the restraining order the Jones campaign…

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#NC-03: John Boehner backs Scott Dacey

That’s what the folks at Bloomberg say: Add former Speaker John Boehner to the list of Washington names piling on against Rep. Walter Jones. Jones (R-N.C.) is being challenged in next week’s primary election. Boehner’s political action committee, The Freedom Project, sent a $1,500 contribution April 27 to Scott Dacey, a county commissioner and lobbyist seeking to unseat Jones. The Freedom Project’s “purpose is to keep and expand a conservative…

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Wheels coming OFF on Scott Dacey’s Soros fantasy?

Lying and obfuscation are such an integral part of American politics that we often accept it and / or become immune to it.  But sometimes, the bovine fecal matter gets piled on so thick, and its odor becomes so unbearable, you have to SAY SOMETHING. Sites like ours on the right, and The Intercept on the left, are committed to putting the powerful under a microscope and calling out their malfeasance when…