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BOHICA Alert: With primaries over, NCGOP doubles down in push FOR toll roads

It’s no surprise that politicians save discussion of controversial issues until AFTER they have safely secured another term at the public trough.  It appears the “honorables” on Jones Street are keeping that tradition alive. I had heard that state Rep. Skip Stam had a real problem with accidentally sending business…

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Basking in the warm glow of all of this, um, ”party loyalty”

Establishment folks are browbeating those of us in the grassroots to toe the party line.  Send Kay Hagan home.  That’s what’s important.  Even if you have to hold your nose to do it.  NCGOP chairman Claude Pope is singing the party loyalty song.  I, and a lot of other Tea…

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Ellmers: Men screwed EVERYTHING UP

          Is it just me, or is our Second District congresswoman sounding a lot like Barbara Boxer?  Or perhaps our first — or soon to be — ex-wives?  Miss Harnett County told Yahoo News this week: U.S. Rep Renee Ellmers says the Republican Party – particularly…

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Robin Hayes’s battle with foot-in-mouth disease

        I am really amazed that Robin Hayes survived as long as he did in Washington.  I’ve seen plenty of video of him in action as NCGOP chairman.  It appears that his brain and his mouth have a laissez-faire relationship.  Whatever happens, happens. No self-policing measures whatsoever….

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The Palin-ization of Dan Forest kicks into gear

El Rushbo often says you can tell who  The Left fears the most by looking at who they attack with the most ferocity.  Look at the reaction to John McCain’s unveiling of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.  Palin was a successful grassroots leader, with a rapidly growing…

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Seriously? NC state govt — BILLIONS IN DEBT — owns a RAILROAD ???

          We’ve been told — since the November 6 election — that North Carolina experienced a “conservative revolution.”  Yet we have the NCGOP majority in Raleigh sending up trial balloons about things like — oh — jacking up unemployment taxes, not fighting the implementation of ObamaCare,…

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AFTER the election, GOP thinks tax increases are A-OK

Now that the smoke has cleared — and they are safe from the voters’ wrath for at least two more years — Republicans in Raleigh and Washington appear ready to toss supply-side, low-tax, deregulated economics under the bus. U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss  (R-Ga.) has been making the rounds of the…

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Gov. Pat: Going wobbly on ObamaCare fight?

    Businesses have been downsizing, closing facilities, implementing employee layoffs, and instituting hiring freezes in anticipation of the impending fiscal and regulatory nightmare known as ObamaCare. Pat McCrory won the 2012 governor’s race in an impressive fashion by pledging to lead a Carolina Comeback.  What better way is there…

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Shubert: Wayne King meddled in NC GOP’s state auditor primary

      Fern Shubert is not one to mince words.  The former Republican legislator from Union County rocked  many a boat during her tenure on Jones Street.  Besides her legislative service, the conservative pol has run unsuccessfully for governor and for state auditor. Shubert tells The Haymaker that NCGOP…

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Gov. Pat: Bev’s a disaster, but I’m keeping a lot of her people.

Pat McCrory, fresh off his rout of Walter Dalton in the governor’s race, is putting out the word that we shouldn’t expect “major personnel changes right away.”  Wait a minute.  I thought Bev Perdue was a disaster — a complete nightmare for North Carolina.  We tossed her out, but we’re…