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#ncga: Whining about office space, ignoring scandal and other real news. Welcome to Driveby-LaLa-Land.

Apparently, the small band of driveby media types  that loiters in the legislative building is having to move to new office space.  And THAT has them upset.  Never mind all the corruption and malfeasance infesting our legislative branch. Office space is WHAT is important.  Take it from WRAL’s Laura Leslie, who amazingly still has a job covering politics after her social media malfeasance went viral. Her hairy gorilla butt must…

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N&O + lefty comrades say Speaker Timmy played ‘chicken’ with ethics

You will get no argument from us when alleging that Tim Moore is, um, ethically-challenged.  We’ve reported at length about his shenanigans against fellow Republicans, his abandonment of the conservative principles that allowed him to become part of the House majority and speaker, and basically putting the House agenda up for sale to the highest bidder at a propensity not seen since Jim Black was shackled and frog-marched off to…

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NC-09: “Baseless” in 2016 = NOBLE in 2018-19

It’s funny how Pat McCrory’s concerns about vote fraud in 2016 – which sound a lot like the stuff we’re talking about NOW — were derided by leftists as “baseless”.  But, in 2018, when  they’re on the losing end, they’ll fuss about the same stuff and defend their efforts as “bringing back democracy.” Dan McCready — a stalking horse / front man for former Duke Power CEO and liberal activist…

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From “Genius” to “Tarheel of The Year”: Lefties inflate ‘The Round Rev’

At first,I thought the news of William Barber being named a MacArthur  “Genius”  was the work of ‘The Onion’ or another of James O’Keefe’s hijinks.  But NO, it was true. Now comes The N&O.  With all of the possible choices for ‘Tarheel of The Year,’  they had to pick “Rev. Race Pimp” himself. I’ve never encountered another pastor who compares himself to Jesus Christ as much as this guy does….

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For UNC, Silent Sam=”HATE” while ‘Satanic Club’ is OKAY.

We all know about the vandalism of the Silent Sam war memorial in Chapel Hill, and the leftist tantrum over even the thought of repairing and re-erecting it. I told you recently about a Louis Farrakhan acolyte coming in to UNC’s Asheville campus to keynote their MLK festivities.  This speaker is apparently too radical for the radical leftist “Women’s March” movement.  Yet, as far as we know, she is still…

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Are SOME lefties starting to see our point on ‘Going Green’?

The folks who owned The N&O for decades sold out to McClatchy and bought the local paper here in Moore County.  Of course, they’ve imported their leftist worldview into our very yellow-dog Republican county. The editorial page is reliably leftist. That’s why it threw me for a loop to see an editorial from  that crowd confessing that the desire to recycle may not be worth the cost: It’s not that…

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The leftist mob starts Tom Farr’s ‘Black Friday’ a little early

While many of us are settling down for the cameraderie and fellowship normally associated with Thanksgiving, Bert & Ernie and the gang at NCPolicyWatch are on the warpath: Thomas Farr is not just another one of President Donald Trump’s conservative judicial nominations. A group of civil rights leaders spoke on a teleconference about their collective opposition to Farr’s nomination to the U.S. District Court bench in the Eastern District of…

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N&O punks try to smear Republicans, rural voters ONE MORE TIME

This is how they got the name “drive-bys.”  They show up at a story, cause a lot of chaos, and then speed away.  Someone else is left to clean up a mess.  Just like a real-live driveby shooting. The current M.O. of The N&O political reporters is to throw something inflammatory (and about 20 percent accurate) out there on social media.  It goes viral and causes all kinds of chaos….

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Fun with Math

This stupid headline from The N&O illustrates one of the biggest pieces of nonsense were going to hear about from the leftists in upcoming months.  Yet, some UNC-brainwashed activist judge will examine his tea leaves,  chicken bones, ouija board and magic 8-ball and give even more life to it. The good ol’ US of A is 77 percent white.  Yet, our very own National Football League is 68 percent black…

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Lil’ Josh goes to war against “price-gouging”

Boy, for a guy who complained his budget got cut so much he couldn’t do anything, this little one sure is busy.  Think someone is charging too much for their good or service before, during, or after Hurricane Florence?  Never Fear — lil’ Josh Stein, your elfin highly-woke duly elected attorney general is on the case.  I sure wish we could get politicians and drivebys to understand supply-and-demand.  These are…