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Ethically-challenged NCGOPe LOSER blasts Mark Meadows in driveby media

    Some folks don’t know when they’re beaten and need to move on.  Look at Dan McCready.  And Robert Pittenger. The word on the street is that the ex-congressman (and former state senator)  is looking to run AGAIN for lieutenant governor.  (Political juggernaut Walter Dalton (D) took him down…

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#ncpol: Meeting & Greeting SOMEBODY ELSE’S voters

This is Congressman Mark Meadows’s Democrat opponent in November. Could someone please provide him with a map?   This guy is running in the 11th congressional district.  The Sheraton Chapel Hill is in the 4th congressional district. Check out the map below and see if you can spot the problem….

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Mark Meadows: Evidence shows Obama directed FBI spying on Trump

The North Carolina Republican, representing the state’s 11th congressional district, dropped this bombshell today in an interview with Raleigh radio personality Patrick Johnson.  (We obtained a tape of a segment of the interview, which has yet to be publicly broadcast.) Meadows says on the tape: “[…] We believe, that contrary…

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#ncpol: Mark Meadows for WH chief of staff ???

That’s the word coming from DC drivebys: […] Several Trump confidantes reached by ABC News said the president is considering multiple names as possible Kelly replacements, among those, top economic adviser Gary Cohn, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney and Rep. Mark Meadows. […]  Personally, I think it’s Mulvaney’s job if he…

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#ncpol: John Boehner disses Meadows, praises McHenry

Politico has a lengthy profile on the speaker-in-exile.  It offers some real insight into the former DC powerbroker-turned-golf-cart-jockey.  (Especially about how foul-mouthed he is.) In the article, Boehner singles out two members of the North Carolina delegation: […] Cantor’s loss triggered a leadership shuffle: McCarthy was promoted to majority leader,…

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Conservative Review: Budd overtakes Meadows as most conservative NCGOPer in DC

The new guy in town sure is getting some attention in conservative circles.  Conservative Review has finally decided to update its conservative rankings of Members of Congress.   Their analysis — as of April 18 — has congressman Ted Budd rockin’ a perfect score of 100 percent.  (Budd is one…

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#ncpol: GOP argues amongst itself on killing ObamaCare

They got their majorities in Washington on the promise to kill ObamaCare.  They got The White House too, based partially on the promise to kill ObamaCare. You’d figure the GOP — fully in the driver’s seat — would be going on a de-regulation and cutting spree.   Yet, some of…

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WNC Rally. For Mark Meadows. Monday.

FreedomWorks and a bunch of other friends of this site are putting together a quick show of appreciation Monday in the big city of Waynesville — in the heart of Meadows’s district — to show appreciation to the man who led the fight to slay Ryan- Ryno- Care.  Here are…

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Meadows praised for standing strong against ObamaCare, RyanCare

Well, at least one member of our mediocre congressional delegation hasn’t sold out and surrendered: That NO is on RyanCare — the limp, weak, toothless GOPe attempt at tackling ObamaCare.  Meadows’s leadership at the helm of the House Freedom Caucus is earning him kudos from at least one national conservative…

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Lefty logic: Protecting privacy = #fakechristian

I’ve always maintained that tax returns are one huge violation of privacy rights.  It’s one thing to have nameless and faceless bureaucrats poring over every bit of your financial business. It’s another thing to have ALL of your financial business broadcast across the drive by media. I don’t care how…