Mark Meadows, Sandy Smith aaaaaaaaand — PAUL WRIGHT ?????


Mark Meadows threw us all for a loop by announcing his retirement from the US House.  The big  money is on Meadows being named the next White House chief of staff. (There has been plenty of talk in the driveby media about a soon-to-happen departure by the current holder of that position, Mick Mulvaney.)


Sources in Raleigh and out west say state senator Jim Davis is being talked into running for Meadows’ congressional seat.  Breitbart is reporting that Meadows chief of staff (and former NCGOP vice chairman) Wayne King may run as well.


So,  it appears that our congressional delegation is in for one big shakeup.  At least THREE of those thirteen faces will be new when the new Congress is sworn in.


The search for a serious alternative to Thom Tillis continues.  The man has never received 50 percent of the vote, yet everyone is scared to run against him.   Sandy Smith has talked a good game about running against him.  But today she has issued a release claiming she will run for the FIRST congressional district.  



Former judge Paul Wright (R) has thrown his name on the ballot against Tillis.  Wright has run for everything under the sun for what seems like the last two decades.   But he never actually campaigns or raises money or anything like that.