Walker: NO to 2020 Senate run. (Where do we go now?)


With Garland Tucker’s surprise exit from the race,  many of us were holding our noses in preparation for voting for congressman Mark Walker.  Some of us were willing to let the whole ‘Public Official A’ thing slide , in order to get rid of the incumbent cockroach.


Walker publicly teased us about running against Tillis.  Independent groups produced polls showing him running strong against Tillis.  Redistricting screwed Walker out of a safe congressional seat.  Things looked tailor-made for a 2020 Senate run.



Well, today we learned Walker will simply just not run for reelection in 2020.  He will look really, really hard at Richard Burr’s vacated seat in 2022 — as a lot of others will be doing.  


So, what’s next for conservatives?    With no serious primary challenge, ol’ Thom will drop his current conservative charade and careen way over to the left (where he is more comfortable).


Here are some options for those of us who are sickened by the thought of six more years of Thom on Capitol Hill:


  1. Leave the line item for US Senate BLANK. In the primary AND the general election.  Leaving that line blank does not invalidate the rest of your ballot.

  2. Go third party.  A Libertarian has filed.

  3. Just like in the 3rd district House race,   Sandy Smith has campaigned like crazy.  But we get to put up or shut up time, and she doesn’t file.  If she does file at the last minute, she could be a great spot to park your protest vote in the primary.

17 thoughts on “Walker: NO to 2020 Senate run. (Where do we go now?)

  1. There is a third option…vote demorat when he makes it to the general. I for one am not sure you would get a worse person up there by doing so.

    1. We are already going to lose 2 House seats — Walker & Holding. No matter how much you dislike Tillis, please don’t vote for a Dem. You know what you will get and it will be worse. President Trump has endorsed Tillis and will campaign like crazy for him here. This is not the time for a protest vote. Just keep chanting — Judges, Judges, Judges.

      1. OK, judges, judges, judges. Now give me a fool prove method to tell the Republicans from the lying Democrats/

      2. I couldn’t give two flips if Trump endorses Tilli$$. A demorat would not be worse as you know they are going to do all they can to destroy the nation and will tell you, Thom will tell you he is a Conservative and then vote almost exactly the demorat line. All we need is 51 votes for judges, The Turtle can get it done without Thom.

      3. It is likely that the Trump “endorsement” of Tillis has more to do with Trump having to walk on eggshells when it comes to incumbent RINO Senators with the impeachment charade heading to the Senate than it does to Trump supported the sort of lousy and anti-Trump Senator Tillis has been. Tillis was booed loudly at both rallies where Trump mentioned his name.,

        Trump would be “crazy” to let himself get politically tangled up with Tillis once the need for his vote on the impeachment charade is over.

        Tillis is very damaged goods, with the lowest home state approval rating in the entire US Senate. It has been political suicide for the GOP leadership not to pressure him to step aside so we could run a more electable nominee.

      4. What do you mean “we”? This is totally the fault of the House and Senate GOP caucus leaders, brainless and spineless as they are. They brainlessly gave the Constitution Party ballot access and they spinelessly failed to tell their judicial co-equal branch of government to bugger off, thereby losing those two congressional seats. Having failed to consult us grassroots types as usual, I see us as under no obligation to do their bidding and certainly owe Tillis no support. Trump will just have to pick up a Senate seat elsewhere to balance the lost North Carolina seat.

  2. Please give us more info on the liberation That may be a viable option for me, otherwise it’s no vote or a write-in.

    1. Looks like he may be gunning for the Burr seat. Makes sense as the seat Thilli$$ is in is very volatile with it changing hands a lot more often, Burr’s seat usually gets to have a stable occupant for a reasonable period of time.

  3. I will vote for Tillis’s opponent in the primary but for him in the general election. A Dim in his seat would be a tragedy for our great state and affront to President Trump. At least Tillis listened when we spoke, more than a Dim would do.

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