Why cut spending when you can just holler for Mo’ Money?

crystal ballWe thought we saw the shape of things to come in that Revenue Laws Committee meeting on Jones Street earlier this week. The meeting featured a presentation from the UNC School of Government bemoaning how tough things are financially for local governments.  It clearly looked like the table was being set to wheedle a bailout out of the “honorables.”

Judging from Gov. Pat McCrory’s comments to local govt leaders today, it appears we were not far off in our reading of the political tea leaves:feet2fire



momoneyWe would hope that our “conservative revolutionaries” in Raleigh would use this opportunity to press the point about self-sacrifice before going to the citizenry and asking them to sacrifice even more.  I want to see ANY of them say with a straight face that there is nothing to cut.

Watch your wallets, folks.  (While you’re at it, keep an eye on your “honorable,” as well.)