Walter Jones the only NC hero in the House re: Cromnibus

wjWell, the vote went down on a procedural rule to let John Boehner’s ObamaCare-funding, amnesty funding billion-dollar cromnibus spending binge move forward.  Sixteen House Republicans refused to support the rule to allow the spending binge to go forward.  Out of nine North Carolina Republicans, Walter Jones was the only one with the guts and the integrity to stand by promises to fight ObamaCare and amnesty.  The complete list of these heroic GOP rebels can be found here.

The cromnibus bill got only 214 votes (212 against).  So, House leaders are postponing the actual vote on the spending bill.   Of course, that gives Boehner & co. more time to twist arms and intimidate.  Hit the phones.  (202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121).  Praise the heroes who stood strong in the rule vote.  Work on those who still don’t have the guts to do the right thing — honoring their campaign promises, standing up for America.  That kind of thing. 

4 thoughts on “Walter Jones the only NC hero in the House re: Cromnibus

  1. It is true was the only REPUBLICAN who voted NO. However the was a DEMOCRAT who voted no as well. And he was one of the FEW Democrats who voted down Obamacare in the first place. His name is Congressman Mike McIntyre (D) of the 7th District.

    I have this strong feeling that McIntyre’s replacement (David Rouzer) would have voted FOR this monstrosity.

  2. Hooray for Walter Jones. He is one elected official that makes you proud to be Republican. The others – not so much.

    And Boehner? He is more like Nancy Pelosi, than like Newt Gingrich. Newt came out against Boehner’s betrayal, while Obama and Harry Reid supported it. With that cast of characters, one would think at least one of the other GOP Congressmen could have seen the light.

  3. Congratulations NC Republican House members. You kept the democrats from shutting down the government. We all know how bad that would be, because, last year, the democrats told us how bad it was, and how bad it hurt the Republican brand. It hurt so bad, that the very next election cycle, Republicans took Governor races in Blue States, increased majorities, and last, but not least, the US Senate. It pleases me greatly that Republicans realize that Democrats are concerned about the future of the GOP, and just want what’s best for us. Hats off to the Speaker for working with the President, and ignoring every thing he said leading up to the election. Constituents be damned.

  4. Make no mistake, the campaign rider attached to the bill was a calculated move to protect incumbents. They know primary challenges will come so they drew first strike.

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