What IF Richard Burr’s Senate seat were to become vacant?


With various folks in the conservative media calling for our senior senator’s resignation and prosecution for insider trading,  all kinds of questions are being raised.  One big one for politicos appears to be:  What happens if Burr resigns or is removed from his seat?


I had the chance to speak with a highly-authoritative source on election law.  This expert told me that, upon a vacancy occurring,  the state GOP would submit the names of three applicants to Governor Cooper.  Cooper would have to chose ONE of the three recommendations offered up  by NCGOP leadership.



Once the appointment is made,  the new senator would serve at least until Cooper sets a special election to fill the remainder of Burr’s term (ending in 2022).    In all likelihood,  the special election to fill the remainder of Burr’s term would be held the same day as the November 2020 general elections.


So,  we could find ourselves voting on BOTH US Senate seats in November.  I don’t think that’s happened in  my lifetime.


3 thoughts on “What IF Richard Burr’s Senate seat were to become vacant?

  1. I’m sure the old NC RINO Republican Establishment will give us another RINO if Burr resigns his seat. But this time, there will be a difference. Conservatives have been betrayed so many times that we will no longer hold our noses and vote the ticket “as the lesser of two evils.” Never again.

  2. Where do we start with people selling their stock? Ridiculous, look at the stock market!

    Senator Burr is a target of the press and The Dems. The other 3 people they are investigating are just ploys to distract that they want to remove a Republican Senator from NC. Diane Feinstein is the only Dem they accused and everyone knows, she is as rich as Crocus and her husband controls their finances.

    The last thing we need is to give our governor power to seat a Senator. I bet the courts would stop him from seating anyone. Nor do we need another election in November! WE WOULD LOSE A CRUCIAL CONSISTENT REPUBLICAN VOTE IN THE US SENATE.

    It is easy to just support our good Senator. He is very principled man and always votes with the Republican Party. You may not agree with him on some details, but we need for him to stay put for 2 more years!

    1. The Governor can only seat one of three people supplied to him by the NCGOP Executive Committee, that’s what the law prescribes. As for Burr, we’d be off without him, he might be a Republican vote but like his pal Thom, he betrays conservatives at any given moment.

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