Thom Tillis? FOR SENATE ? (Ya Don’t Say.)

tillis mouthWell, the worst kept secret in North Carolina politics got “let out of the bag” today — state House speaker Thom Tillis is jumping into the 2014 US Senate GOP primary.  Oh, and good news folks — he plans to continue serving as House speaker while campaigning for the US Senate.

It was kind of hilarious watching the mainstream media treat this like it was some kind of surprise, earth-shattering revelation.

Most recent polling shows Tillis polling in single digits behind the only other announced GOP contender, Cary physician and Tea Partier Greg Brannon.    In fact, Brannon “welcomed” Tillis to the race today with some well-placed jabs:

“If Republicans in this state would rather be represented by a political insider, heavily influenced by special interests, who has taken liberal positions on legislation in the North Carolina State House, including Ferry Tolls, Interstate Toll HOT Lanes and the protection of telecommunication monopolies at the expense of smaller free market competitors, then Mr. Tillis is their man.  Thom Tillis has certainly proven he is willing to compromise on our core conservative principles to benefit his friends.

Mr. Tillis is the poster child for why I’m in this race. I represent conservatives who are fed up with crony capitalism, special interests, political compromise and excuses. Mr. Tillis is yet another in a long line of career politicians eager to take the next step on the ladder of political power.

This primary will give Republicans the opportunity to choose the candidate who best represents the conservative values we say our party stands for. I intend to be just as steadfast in challenging my opponent in this primary to walk the walk as I will my colleagues in the U.S. Senate.”

Speaker Tillis has already picked up some rather curious defenders — Barack Obama’s goons over at Organizing for North Carolina.  Check out some of the gems they have been posting on Twitter:

tillis tweet1

tillis tweet2

tillis tweet3

We were rather surprised to see Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry forego the Senate race.  Berry has consistently been at the top of polling for potential GOP primary candidates.   Perhaps this is a sign that the GOP establishment in Raleigh is trying to clear the deck for Tillis.  (I don’t think Greg Brannon got the memo.)  That makes * a lot of sense* — get rid of the frontrunner and get behind someone polling at 5 to 6 percent.  

Is anyone else seeing the striking similarities to this GOP Senate primary and the 2010 Senate primary in Kentucky?   In that race, the GOP establishment — led by Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell — all got behind a well-funded telegenic state official (Secretary of State Trey Grayson).   The only thing standing in Grayson’s path to DC was a doctor with strong Tea Party backing (Rand Paul).  Anyone remember how that race turned out?

My sources tell me that some of the folks who helped engineer that 2010 win for Senator Paul will be advising the Brannon campaign.  This could be fun to watch.


22 thoughts on “Thom Tillis? FOR SENATE ? (Ya Don’t Say.)

  1. We don’t need a native from another planet like Brannon, and Tillis is an idiot. I may stay home.

    1. With all due respect, rf, now is the last time you want to stay home. Things are finally getting interesting. You can be sure that the TEA PARTY will figure out who should be our next ANYTHING and hopefully will make that choice known so those who stay home can still get the news.


  2. Yes, certainly conservatives would want nothing to do with a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, anti-amnesty, pro-state sovereignty candidate like Brannon. Definitely no good choices here.

  3. Tillis would be a disaster as a nominee. Brannon would be much better. Another one to watch is former Ambassador Jim Cain, who is also a former Republican National Committeeman from North Carolina, and a protégé of the late Senator Jesse Helms. Cain has just recently put his name forward, and has much less name recognition than Tillis, but yet is within 2 points in the polls of Toll Road Thom Tillis.

    1. Toll Road Thom will not get grassroots support. Brannon so far has the only real conservative message and u don’t have to pay to play.

  4. First, we discard the Neo-cons, compromisers and concenus builders, then we have a spirited campaign and add to the Paul, Rubio, Lee and Cruz A- team. Sounds like a plan.

    1. Now don’t go putting Rubio in with Ted Cruz. Rubio is pushing for AMNESTY. Yea I read all his stuff about it’s not AMNESTY but I say again READ THE BILL!

      1. Absolutely correct. Rubio turned out to be a phony as a three peso bill. He now operates as the Senator from La Raza. Rubio lied about his position on illegal aliens and amnesty in his US Senate campaign, and now operates as Chuck Schumer’s front man. Disgusting!

  5. Anyone who claims to be a believer in the constitution would be a fake if they settle for any candidate other than Greg Brannon. He is a scholar on the constitution and our founding documents and will fight to the very end to preserve them. There is a clear distinction between Dr. Brannon and Tillis. And for Brannon’s team, their track record for electing true conservative candidates speak for its self. You couldn’t find a better campaign team to defeat Hagan.

  6. As a conservative who wants to be ‘pro-life’, I also want abortions to remain legal for the reason that, over time, legalized abortion reduces the number of future democrackkk voters. If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one.

    Brannon will do FAR better in the race if he backpedals on the abortion issue. Steer clear of it.

    1. He can’t do that. Strategically, I agree with you but among his first stated reasons for entering the race is that as a Physician under Obamacare, he’s compelled to perform abortions or refer patients desiring one to someone who will….On another note, in the past 48 hours, I personally heard Brannon deny those reported “jabs” made to Tillis…Brannon reiterated that merely extended words of welcome to the race and Tillis reciprocated….Brannon very much adheres to Reagan’s 11th commandment which is why you can be sure media accounts to the contrary are rubbish.

    2. The constitution doesn’t speak to abortion or Homosexuality or a host of other things, but WE THE PEOPLE know what is right and wrong – at least some of us do.

      We are too prone to separate Religion from Politics and we should NOT do that. Even at church we hear this same drum beat. Did Jesus separate religion from the state? Be careful how you answer. I recall he turned over the money changers tables in the temple, or is that a fable we’re supposed to forget?

      Murder is murder and that what ABORTION truly is. Anyone who says differently is a kook, or a Murderer themselves.

  7. Back pedal, stay at home, neocons, and there is only one or we’re all going to hell. Can’t believe these comments. Fact is, we don’t know enough yet. I do favor one, but it’s early. And Unaffiliated Voter, your name fits.

    1. Thanks, Im a BITTER EX democrackkk and former Libertarian too!

      UNaffiliated is the ONLY sensible choice these days with so many other criminal politicians of demopublican stripe…

  8. You people saying you would rather stay home then vote for someone like Tillis is the reason the Dems keep winning. They rally around their candidates and we say we wont vote for someone who the liberal media has deemed a moderate. In reality, Tillis has pushed conservative ideals through the house including Voter ID and Tax reform.

    1. Wrong! Tillis’ idea of ”tax reform” is toll roads. What a crock! On Voter ID, he demanded that the bill be watered down in the last session, and when it was not, he refused to allow a vote on it. This session, he has only allowed an absurdly watered down version of Voter ID to move forward. Tillis is not pushing Voter ID. He is pushing to water down Voter ID legislation. Tillis is just Hagan without the skirt. There is not a dime’s worth of difference. I will not stay home, but I might not vote in the US Senate race if the only choice I have is Hagan and Tillis. That is NO choice.

  9. Listen up, the UPOR – Uptown Pravda of Record in Charlotte, NC is circling the wagons around their candidate of choice and no longer wants critical posts further exposing their Manchurian Candidate Thom Tillis so no more posts like the ones below from the article from Eastern NC in Beaufort exposing Pravda’s candidate of choice Toll Roads Thom. Pravda really needs to secure Thom’s place in Washington.

    Speaker Tillis facing a revolt among the troops

    Tillis for U.S. Sentate????!!
    May 22, 2013 | 06:44 PM

    I hope not, although it would be nice to have him gone from the NC Legislature.


    Tillis for US Senate? NO!!!
    May 23, 2013 | 09:36 AM

    We do not need Thom Tillis to go from Raleigh to Washington DC to foist upon the entire country, including NC, what he has thus far been doing to North Carolinians. If Tillis believes that we can afford to lose a few seats in the NC House, then perhaps we should grant him his wish and cause him to lose his. As far as the US Senate race is concerned, we need a Republican with a strong conviction to adhere to the US Constitution, and that man is Greg Brannon (gregbrannon DOT com)!
    Robert B.

    Not Tillis!
    May 23, 2013 | 09:37 AM

    Tillis is a power bully who has no ideological compass and tries to play up to the liberal media. That is not what we need in a Senate candidate. His leadership style in the House has reminded me of his old comrade Richard Morgan, Liston Ramsey, or Marc Basnight. It will be a breath of fresh air for the GOP to have him gone from the House.

    He also had a major run in recently with conservative legislator Larry Pittman, and arranged for an ally from Mecklenburg County to move to Pittman’s county to challenge him in the primary. Tillis needs to be removed from the power he so often abuses. We do not need him in the US Senate race.

    Makes me think…
    May 23, 2013 | 11:39 AM

    Huh. I guess this puts new light on how Glen Bradley was treated last session. I’m not sure that ‘dissent will not be tolerated’ is how we want to run a government. especially a Republican one. One thing I do know, I won’t be voting for Tillis if he ends up with the Senate Nomination. I’ll just have to skip that race. I do like Greg Brannon a lot though.


    May 23, 2013 | 12:38 PM

    Tillis should never have been made Speaker again after he bullied that girl over “flyergate” at the republican state convention in 2012.


    GOP Leadership ‘Chicago’ Style
    May 23, 2013 | 03:28 PM

    Everyone knows that Tom Tillis and Gov. Pat McCrory report to Art Pope. The tactics being used by the Republican leadership are being practiced by the GOP leadership in D.C. They have mirrored the Obama White House tactics or should I say ‘Chicago’ style of politics. Over all teh GOP leadership in NC and D.C. is repugnent.

    Tillis is a YANKEE
    May 23, 2013 | 04:28 PM

    He came down here and together with Art Pope and McCrory are attempting to completely destroy the state of North Carolina. It is terrible that he was given House Leadership and it is terrible that the idiots in Cornelius keep voting him back in. I guess you get what you ask for. McCrory and Tillis, 2 yankees attempting to take over a state and make it their own.


    Tillis runs 6th in GOP Senate primary
    May 23, 2013 | 05:54 PM

    In spite of, or maybe because of, all of Tillis’ self promotion for the Senate race, the latest poll had Tillis running 6th in a prospective GOP Senate primary, with only 7% of the vote. The top choice was Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. Dr. Brannon and Senate leader Phil Berger both run ahead of Tillis. Tillis’ record is not one that appeals to the average GOP primary voter and his heavy-handedness against conservative legislation as Speaker will hurt him even more as primary opponents start reminding voters of it.

    Vote Greg Brannon!
    May 23, 2013 | 09:13 PM

    We need a guy like Brannon in the US Senate right now. We have gone so far left, a constitutional conservative like Brannon is exactly what we need. He’s an outsider and obviously in this for the right reasons. Let’s get his name out there and help him win the nomination.


    GOP Can do better than Tillis!
    May 23, 2013 | 10:25 PM

    Lobbyists in pocket (TWC) – Check
    Constituents overlooked – Check
    Supports Agenda 21 via “Regional Authority” Legislation – Check

    He may RUN but I am telling you now this is NOT a man of integrity or character! He seems to care about only TWO things – Power and Money!



    Thom Tillis – Doing himself in!
    May 23, 2013 | 10:31 PM

    So lets see, so far East Coast no longer wants him due to “Ferry Tolls”

    Piedmont definitely doesn’t want him after basically telling us citizens too bad on Toll Roads!

    And last but not least Asheville, Bumcombe County THEY don’t want him after he turned all their resources over to Regional Authority.

    Hey Thom….First and foremost you seem to be more liberal with all these “tolls” & “Regional Authority: …Do us a favor and change your party!

    Maybe one day you will learn WE WHO PUT YOU UP THERE CAN TAKE YOU OUT! We do not like to be told to basically sit down and shut up which is what YOU are basically doing with all these “tolls”


    It was too good to be true
    May 24, 2013 | 05:04 AM

    When we took control of the General Assembly I knew it was too good to be true. We Republicans just cannot handle success. Maybe in another hundred years we will be ready to lead rather than be “big shots.”

    The only thing we got going for us is that NC Democratic Party chairman. He might be so bad as to actually save us from ourselves.

    Tillis was a Democrat plant
    May 24, 2013 | 07:35 AM

    Lets remember where Tillis came from. He emerged back in the day of the corrupt coalition between liberal Democrat Jim Black and moderate turncoat ”Republican” Richard Morgan running the NC House. Tillis was recruited by the Morgan-Black tandem to run in the primary against a sitting conservative GOP legislator, and with heavy funding from them won that primary. Tillis then served as a Morgan-Black foot soldier. Black subsequently was convicted and imprisoned for some of his shannigans in the NC House power plays. This is where Thom Tillis comes from politically.

    Brawley is only one of the conservatives who have been pushed aside by Tillis. Last session is was Glen Bradley whose district was chopped to pieces in redistricting because Tillis did not like his pushing conservative legislation.

    Rep. Larry Pittman is an even better example
    May 24, 2013 | 08:06 AM

    Brawley may have a few warts, but there is a lot of truth in what he says.

    Rep. Larry Pittman, however, is an even better example of the Tillis problem. Pittman revealed that Tillis puts a color code on bills, telling committee chairmen what to do, like a stoplight, red meaning kill it, yellow meaning keep it in a holding pattern, and green meaning approve it. This is outrageous arrogance for a Speaker.

    When Pittman revealed this, Tillis responded by getting the county GOP vice chairman of his home county to move to Pittman’s county and announce he was going to challenge Pittman in a primary. Again colossal arrogance for an out of control dictator of a Speaker.

    We do NOT need Tillis as a Senate candidate. The sooner we can get him gone from the House the better

    Hell NO to Tillis, Berger AND especially Greg Brannon
    May 24, 2013 | 12:35 PM

    I think for obvious reasons stated above that Tillis would be an absolute nightmare on a US Senate scale, Berger’s not much better.
    But for two folks on here to think that Tea Party crazy “birther”~literally as an ex OB dr. who delivered my twins–although knowing full well he was CRAZY, is the bees knees for any type of Republican office also is on that level of CRAZY. At first before I knew what the tea party was, I thought his rhetoric was funny, and even looked past him having Fox News on in his waiting room constantly.
    It’s been heard recently, possibly from either his webpage or fb page that this fool wants to be “the next Rand Paul” for NC. And to that I say Ah, HELL NO!! Hagan, our moderate dem ALL the way. Please get on board now with her campaign because she at least has a level head, cares deeply about this state and already has REAL leadership experience!

    Hagan is no ”moderate”
    May 24, 2013 | 02:37 PM

    Kay Hagan a ”moderate”? Are you just duped by the big media and their spin or are you smoking something other than a tobacco product?

    Kay Hagan supports the radical Obamacare and opposes our 2nd Amendment rights. She supports runaway big spending and higher taxes. She is anything but a moderate. She votes almost all of the time with socialist Obama and is ultra leftist Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet.

    Choosing between two awful candidates like Tillis and Hagan would be a dreadful thing to have to do. We need to nominate a solid Republican who can take out Hagan. That is not Tillis.

    And so, Jen, you do not like Brannon because he has Fox News on in his office? I guess you want to watch one of those networks where the thrill runs up their legs when they hear Obama talk? One of those networks that comprise the Obamedia? One like CNN which on reporting the recent beheading of a British soldier failed to mention that the perpetrators were Islamic extremists. CNN is news? What a joke!

    And, further, Jen, you do not like the Tea Party? The Tea Party represents the principles of statesmen like Thomas Jefferson. I guess you prefer groups like Think Progress which support the socialist principles of George Soros and Karl Marx. I can see why you might support a dingbat like Kay Hagan.

    Illegal Invaders
    May 24, 2013 | 03:01 PM

    Tom Tillis would like to turn our state into mexico while we pay for all the “Invaders” with our lives as they kill us while driving drunk.

  10. When the McClatchey gang signals their support for a politician, it signals the rest of us that such politician is not worth two cents. Since they are going out for Tilis, that just reinforces the imperative for conservatives to Stop Tillis. Of course, from his miserable record, most of us should have already figured that our.

    1. You are so right Raphael. McClatchey endorsed McCrory and he definitely is not worth 2 cents! He sold his soul to Art Pope and can no longer govern the way he would have otherwise. He sure made a 180 from when he was Mayor of Charlotte, and now McClatchey and many republicans have “buyers remorse.” Frankly, most of the Tea Party loons in the NC House and Senate should go the way of the dinosaur in 2014 and 2016.

      1. Actually, the loons are out there following the two ton reverend on Marxist . . . err …. ”Moral” Mondays. The Tea Party legislators are a breath of fresh air.

  11. The LAST thing we need is another RINO senator. For over 150 years, the establishment democrats and republicans have been scamming the American people into believing there’s a difference between the two parties. There isn’t.

    When we went from Clinton to Bush, what changed? When we went from Bush to Obama, what changed? Nothing. With each new president we got the same growth in government, bigger debt, more intrusive government, more foreign wars, and fewer jobs. In other words, they all followed the same game plan. It didn’t matter which party they came from. So anyone able to connect the dots can easily see that obviously someone else is pulling the strings. That someone is the international bankers, multinational corporations and defense contractors actually running the show and getting rich from the policies their puppets in the congress and whitehouse keep pushing on the American people.

    So, if we have the opportunity to elect someone who actually believes in, and supports Constitutional government, who might actually try to reverse this head-long plunge into tyrannical socialism, who owes nothing to the power brokers behind the scenes….we need to turn out in mass and vote that person into office.

    That person is Greg Brannon.

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