E-Mail: Craven GOP chair thought Tillis censure, letter, and meeting were A-OK from the start

ncgopWe’ve been getting disturbing reports from on-the-ground in Craven County about how county GOP chairman Paul Hill has changed course on — and is now opposing — the Tillis censure letter.

The chairman and NCGOP officials have reportedly been claiming that the censure letter is invalid because it did not originate in an “official meeting.”   Now, an email surfaces suggesting that — as late as May 29 — Hill was a supporter of the censure letter and championing it as legitimate.

The email in question is a broadcast sent from Chairman Hill to local activists.  It appears in its entirety below.  [NOTE:  ‘ML Hynes’ in the “From” field is the name of the email system manager in Craven County.  The ‘Paul Hill’ in the “To” field represents the chairman’s e-mail list.] :


hill email1


hill email2