Thilli$$$ LOVE$ him some Goldman Sachs (Cha-ching!)

I once talked with one of Thom and Susan Tillis’s neighbors who told me — in jest, I think — that the best way to get Thom to come see you was to tape a $100 bill to your front door. 

We’ve see a lot of guys come and go through North Carolina politics with a nose for making-money WHILE “serving the people.”  But Thom Tillis rises to the top at trolling for cash.

Apparently, his cash radar has pinged mega-donor and ultra influence peddler Goldman Sachs.  OL’ Thom twisted himself into a pretzel at a recent hearing to praise Goldman Sachs as, get this, a champion of “the little guy”: 

”[…]I feel like sometimes I’m living in a reality TV version of Atlas Shrugged. There are a lot of people in this Congress that want to just beat down job creators and employers. And I just decided just on the fly — and I’m glad my staff’s able to respond to my random request — but just take a look at Goldman Sachs. People want to demonize Goldman Sachs. That’s an easy thing to do, right? Just beat up on a financial services institution. An institution that’s committed to — let me look at the general numbers here — they have 36,500 employees. There’s probably a lot of little guys in there. They’ve contributed billions of dollars to nonprofits. They’ve got a commitment to producing 150 billion — am I right? — between now and 2025, that are either capital formation for nonprofits or directly into nonprofits. Demonizing employers that employ the little guy isn’t looking out for the little guy.”[…]

In 2016, Goldman Sachs admitted to defrauding its investors during the 2008 financial crisis that wiped out a lot of “little guys” 401Ks and foreclosed on a lot of houses owned by “little guys.”  A whole lot of folks who have studied the 2008 financial mess closely see Goldman Sachs as having been a major catalyst to that crisis — thanks to their handling of the notorious mortgage-backed securities.

Of course, they had a whole lot of help from crooked politicians and government bureaucrats.  (But that is a whole other set of posts.) Goldman Sachs used federal bailout money from said financial crisis to award employee bonuses. 

And the non-profits they fund?  Goldman Sachs leaders have had close ties to ACORN and George Soros.  And Goldman Sachs HAS developed quite the reputation as “the left’s favorite bank.”

There’s little noble about Goldman Sachs.  They don’t produce anything. And they thrive off of influence peddling and crony capitalism.  Their execs move back and forth between government and Wall Street, and fill a lot of pockets of a lot of politicians.  (That’s the angle that has caught Thom’s eye.)

10 thoughts on “Thilli$$$ LOVE$ him some Goldman Sachs (Cha-ching!)

  1. Not surprised here. Goldman Sachs has too much influence in our government. Also too much influence in our party. Thank you for pointing it out. This is a post to share.

  2. Maybe Thom can team up with the ultra conservative George Holding. You know George, the big proponent on Ryan Care? Both are frauds just like this entire NC delegation with exemptions for Jones and Meadows. No reason to vote in this state at all, if outside of their districts.

    1. I’ve been saying for years that Holding isn’t what he masquerades as, but no joy about being vindicated. Even among Party activists, there are entirely too many people who fall for a lot of conserva-talk.

  3. Thom Tillis in the NC General Assemble promoted more restrictions on NC Commercial Fishermen in Coastal Counties and followed CCA with their $$$$ Donations to Thom Tillis!

  4. Someone should announce they are running against Tillis as soon as possible. Tillis liberal behavior will produce a lot of press releases from a smart candidate between now and election day.

    Having an opponent will require Tillis to think, something he does not have to do now.

  5. I am constantly reading articles here (and elsewhere) confirming what a dirt bag Tillis is. But if the GOP is unable to primary him, many of those same people who bash Tillis will tell me that I must vote for him. Until the voters wake up and decide that we must REALLY hold them accountable, the actions of individuals like Tillis and Burr will never change.

    1. Well, what about Democrat loyalty to a controled party? Does that keep bad things from happening? I was not overly impressed with Beverly Purdue when she was in the governor’s house. I hear a lot of whining about all the revenue being lost because of HB2. I don’t recall there being a problem here in NC, until the liberal Charlotte democratic leaders created a problem where there was no problem. I am not overly impressed with Tillis either, but think about it, they’re all a bunch of greedy, money-grabbing politicians. Today I saw on nightly news where our illustrious Sec. of State Elaine Marshall, got called out for issuing over 300 [ 320 ] notary commissions to illegal immigrants. A typical liberal, socialist, democrat. I do not trust liberal democrats or liberal RINOs.

  6. The Republican Party establishment and the voters of NC who chose to put Thom Tillis in office are the ones to hold responsible for this disaster that now represents NC. We had a true, honest STRONG Constitutional Conservative man who ran for this seat. Greg Brannon would have fought with everything he has to repeal Obamacare, fight against amnesty, government spying, government controlled education and the courts making our laws. When I say he would fight with everything he has, I mean that literally. He and his wife have given everything they have for the fight for liberty. If we, as Americans, don’t put people like Greg Brannon in office to fight for our Constitutional rights and for our freedom, we will lose what freedom we have left. Remember who endorsed Greg, the same people fighting the establishment republicans:
    Sen Lee, Sen Paul, Ron Paul, Levin, Beck , Coulter, Woods and the other true Constitutionalists? And don’t forget the ones that supported Thom: ALEC, Big Pharma, the Chamber and big banks. The old saying is, “You get what you pay for.” Well…the GOP and voters of NC are now getting what they paid for! I think it’s time to demand our money back and put Greg Brannon in DC! My hope is that he will run again and take back MY country from these Cronies and liberals in DC!

    1. So do I, Kim. I voted for him, but I’m like you, & thousands more who would love for him to run again.

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