The ObamaCare “study”: stoves are hot, ice is cold, socialism is BAD

legislatureSetting up a commission or a committee to “study” an issue is a great way for politicians to show they “care” –without actually doing anything substantive.

“Fast and Furious,” anyone? Benghazi? 

This week, state House speaker Thom Tillis and senate president pro tem Phil Berger announced the formation of a committee to study just what the problem with ObamaCare is.   * I am suuuuuuuurrrre Kay Hagan’s name will not come up, and I am suuuuuuuuuurrrre Tillis’ involvement in this effort has nothing to do with his Senate campaign. *

These two guys decide what lives or dies in their respective chambers on Jones Street.  If they really wanted to go to war against ObamaCare, they could show the kind of spine legislators in Alabama and South Carolina have already shown.

Read The Constitution. Read the bill. Talk to your voters.

3 thoughts on “The ObamaCare “study”: stoves are hot, ice is cold, socialism is BAD

  1. Why do a study? I’m willing to bet I know about 100 conservatives that could tell them in one simple sentence: IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL, STUPID!

  2. More reasons to vote for Greg Brannon. Did you know that the NC gas tax is higher than any of the surrounding states. What are they doing with all this money? I intend to drive less and spend less at Amazon in 2014.

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