The NCGOP slap-fight rages on.

A bunch of folks who are getting ready to lose their jobs, anyway, thanks to redistricting, are digging in their heels regarding operation tumblr_ltrjw896X91qj4qpio1_400See-Ya Hasan. Garry Terry — the resigned (unresigned?) 1st district GOP chairman — has sent out an open letter, signed by himself and all of his colleagues (Mind you, this guy is part of the same crowd that has moaned about Chairman Hasan Harnett taking this spat public) :

Important Message to the NC GOP Chairman:
March 30, 2016
Dear Chairman Harnett,
We, the undersigned District Chairs of the North Carolina Republican Party, represent the grassroots Republicans from every corner of our Great State. We strenuously object to your call for a meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) on April 9. The call to meet on this date disenfranchises one third of the Executive Committee and creates numerous problems for the grassroots Republicans from all over NC:

1. There are four District Conventions on this same date representing 1/3 of the Republicans in NC. Did you intend for these four Conventions to be rescheduled so that everyone can attend the emergency EC meeting, or did you intend to force people to choose between attending their District Convention or having a voice in the emergency EC meeting?
2. The District Conventions are conducting some of the most important work in a Presidential election year with the election of delegates, since the delegates have important work to do this year if the RNC ends up in an open convention. Your actions directly impact those people who wish to be delegates to the RNC or who wish to vote for the delegates to the RNC, but who also want to have a voice at the EC meeting.
3. The District Conventions are electing Presidential electors. Again, the EC members in four Districts are being forced to choose whether to vote for Presidential electors or to have a voice in the EC meeting.
4. Calling an emergency meeting without stating the emergency business makes it even more difficult for an EC member to decide which is most important, to attend their District Convention or to attend the EC meeting?

* Is? That? Really? A? Question? *        download (3)

5. Holding an EC meeting in Wilmington is a serious burden on the EC members in the Western half of the state. Some EC members will spend as much as 5 – 7 hours travelling in each direction on one day for a single meeting.
6. Your decision to call an emergency EC meeting on this date disenfranchises hard working grassroots Republican activists. How can they effectively participate in managing the affairs of the NCGOP when their Chairman cannot schedule the meeting when it does not conflict with District Conventions?

Again, we have griping from the SAME crowd that has blessed locking Mr. Harnett out of his office, cutting off his email, and barring him from party files.  Surely, by now, Mr. Harnett is well-familiar with burdens and inconveniences. 

We are asking you to cancel this meeting and to reschedule it on a later date when there are no district conventions scheduled. This will also allow the four affected Districts to conduct the very important business that we must complete and still be able to have a voice in the EC meeting.

Translation:  Our masters at the RNC have important tasks for us.  We need to meet their needs, and THEN we will get back to harassing YOU. 

Regards, wicked-witch-of-the-west
1st District Chairman, Garry Terry
2nd District Chairman, Joyce Cotten
3rd District Chairman, Kim Cotten-West
4th District Chairman, Matthew Arnold
5th District VC Chairman, Stanley Celeste
6th District Chairman, Don Webb
7th District Chairman, Helen Pannullo
8th District Chairman, Kelsey Brown
9th District Chairman, John Steward
10th District Chairman, Ted Alexander
11th District Chairman, David Sawyer
13th District Chairman, Zan Bunn

*Regards?  Yeah. Sure.*  

Gosh.  * Where is the rep for District 12 ??? *

It’s interesting to see John Steward’s name on this.  Back in his conspiratorial texts with Dallas Woodhouse — that we got our grubby mitts on — Steward was proposing April 9 or April 30 as the best dates to get everyone together to finish off Harnett.  Why is April 9 NOW a problem?

For those who may not be in on this inside-baseball, the executive committee (EC) is the boss of the central committee (aka the dirtbags who are driving the attack on Hasan Harnett).  The politicos on the central committee try to neuter the influence of the grassroots leaders on the executive committee by packing meetings with legislators.  Steward incomingand the others must realize they cannot get enough legislators on scene for that day.  They MIGHT have to actually fend for themselves in front of REAL PEOPLE. (Nobody likes getting called on the carpet.  Especially when you’ve been behaving badly.) 

10 thoughts on “The NCGOP slap-fight rages on.

  1. Question for those of us not in the know…. What happens to the District conventions and chairs now that redistributing has occurred? Districts 2 and 13 for example. Will the conventions start with present leadership and new chair be elected as if geography hadn’t changed? I pretty much dropped out but now I am rethinking my decision. All it takes is for people to do nothing and the status quo remains.

    1. Our central committee that cares so much about the grassroots has deemed that we will continue using the former district structure for this convention season and switch to the new districts next year. For now, you will be in your same old district. They are hanging on to the last vestiges of power as many will likely lose their seats with the change over.

    2. Why give up our power on the Central Committee for an insignificant thing like organizing district organizations around the actual districts candidates are running in this November? It is all about us, not about electing GOP candidates. We’ll do that for the next election.

  2. The court has not ruled the new districts are legal. The districts WILL be redrawn again after the primary. Hang tight.

    1. The legislature repealed the old districts. They are history. They do not exist any more. The only districts that exist in law are the new districts.

  3. Several of these district chairmen were in that plotting session with Steward. They did not seem to raise objections to April 9 when Steward proposed it. Wonder what the real reason is that they did not object then but do now?

    1. This entire spat with the Chairman is all about two things….Harnett is being blamed for the attempt to impeach Lewis and the latter is out for retribution, and second, wresting control of the National delegates slate from Harnett. Everything else is deception including the trumped up charges against the Chairman.

      1. They started their fight against Harnett at the very first Central Committee meeting, before the David Lewis issue came up, and it was the grassroots rather than Harnett after Lewis.

        The outgoing ED lined up a new job, kept that under wraps, and then hired two staff employees with major ties to two very controversial consultants. He backed Harnett into the middle of that scuffle. There is little doubt that he would have engineered that on his own without collaborating with Central Committee members, who also jumped into the middle of it. They have been after Harnett since day one because he was not part of the ”club” and not annointed by the powers that be.

        1. Yes, but you forgot one thing….this is an intentional warning to everyone with future ideas about running for state chair….if you’re not the anointed, don’t even think about it.

  4. In the past when congressional districts have changed just before the Presidential year conventions, the Presidential year GOP conventions were used to elect new district officers aligned with the new districts. That has been the practice in the GOP until this year. Now we are seeing self serving district chairmen, who are part of the jihad against Hasan Harnett opposing that sensible move to go ahead and organize the new districts. From what I hear, half of them do not even live in their new districts. This is all about maintaining their own power, not about the good of the party.

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