The GOP’s ObamaCare sellout rolls on.






John Boehner says he has the plan to fix it all.  He’s NOT going to use his leverage to defund ObamaCare in the continuing resolution vote.  Instead, he says, House leaders are going to try to work a deal with Obama to chip away at ObamaCare in exchange for raising the debt ceiling ONCE AGAIN.  (sigh) 

Keep our powder dry.  Let’s fight another day.  We’ve been hearing this crap for four years now. They never actually do fight, and the deadline for implementing this nightmare is nearly upon us.  

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr is sticking to his guns  — continuing to dismiss the idea of using the continuing resolution to defund ObamaCare.  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is attacking Heritage Action for criticizing elected Republicans for not joining the ObamaCare defund fight.   (Somebody REALLY wants a primary.) 

One bright spot — Congressman Walter Jones has joined Mark Meadows’ effort to defund ObamaCare in the upcoming continuing resolution.

It’s clear that our leaders are not going to take the initiative to save our economy and our country.  It’s going to be up to US.  Don’t quit. Don’t back down.  Never, never, never give up.