The GOP’s ObamaCare sellout rolls on.






John Boehner says he has the plan to fix it all.  He’s NOT going to use his leverage to defund ObamaCare in the continuing resolution vote.  Instead, he says, House leaders are going to try to work a deal with Obama to chip away at ObamaCare in exchange for raising the debt ceiling ONCE AGAIN.  (sigh) 

Keep our powder dry.  Let’s fight another day.  We’ve been hearing this crap for four years now. They never actually do fight, and the deadline for implementing this nightmare is nearly upon us.  

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr is sticking to his guns  — continuing to dismiss the idea of using the continuing resolution to defund ObamaCare.  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is attacking Heritage Action for criticizing elected Republicans for not joining the ObamaCare defund fight.   (Somebody REALLY wants a primary.) 

One bright spot — Congressman Walter Jones has joined Mark Meadows’ effort to defund ObamaCare in the upcoming continuing resolution.

It’s clear that our leaders are not going to take the initiative to save our economy and our country.  It’s going to be up to US.  Don’t quit. Don’t back down.  Never, never, never give up. 

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  1. These people are spineless with no principles. The only time they show any intestinal fortitude is when they are running for office. I think it’s time for us to show some backbone and send those who refuse to represent the people back to private life. They don’t deserve our votes or our money.

  2. I am not too sure where us Republicans are supposed to stand on anything. The current Republican crowd up there in Washington is all over the place on every issue. Either Obama is a much, much better politician than I thought him to be or our current crop of Republicans aren’t really Republicans at all. I’m thinking it to be the later and that the Republicans in DC are currently metamorphosing the party into something different. Now when I go to the local coffee shop to discuss politics and someone questions me where the DC Republicans stand on an issue I either pretend my hearing aid batteries are dead or I say that I am waiting for Obama to tell us where we stand. It is hard out here on a playa!!!!!!

  3. Republicans still have a chance to Defund ObamaCare. In order to so do we need to accomplish three things: 1)Don’t raise the debt ceiling, 2) Open CR for amendments, and pass the Graves bill.
    Representative Walter Jones R 3rd District, who by the way has been a US Representative for over twenty years and has consistently voted to Defund, Repeal and Replace ObamaCare told GOP County Chairman at his District 3 luncheon, Friday, 8-23-13 that, YES, what we are doing holding ObamaCare Town Hall Rallys is making a difference.
    Representative Jones has signed the Meadows Letter, however the first order to Defund ObamaCare is to not increase the debt ceiling. Raising the debt ceiling would give Congress the necessary money to fund the CR.
    The next step is to pressure House leadership to allow for amendments to the CR. Without amendments the Graves bill goes nowhere.
    With the passing of the Graves bill, members of Congress can vote to Defund ObamaCare. This is the order of measures needed to get to that point. Please, if you believe this information is wrong, check the House Calender and verify it yourself. Then ask where’s the money coming from to fund CR?
    We can also do a calling campaign to the House leadership. We need a concerted effort to call Speaker of the House John Boehner-OH, Paul Ryan-WI Budget Committee, Hal Rogers-KY Appropriations Committee and Eric Cantor-VA House Majority Leader. If we can call and not use scripts or e-mails we may have a chance. I have been told by House office personnel that these two approaches are shot down.
    If we can do the first three things on the list and do a calling campaign across the nation, we have a chance to Defund ObamaCare. We cannot give up!

  4. This RedState article sums it up well. The sleazy House GOP leadership is doing a bait and switch on its own base:

    We need to primary any Congresscritter who supports the reelection of any of the current surrender monkey GOP House leadership to their leadership positions when the House GOP caucus convenes in January 2015. We need a total House cleaning on the leadership.

    Ellmers is the biggest leadership brown noser in the bunch and should be at the top of the list to be retired in the next primary.

  5. Boehner must go now! We cannot wait for November 2014!
    He was unapposed by the Democrats in the last election! Guess why? They love him because he is a push over and he is making deals with Obama so he will be unapposed in 2014.
    We must create a House revolt and remove his Speakership now!
    There are 70 congressmen that will vote to strip him of the Speakership and probably 40 more will join them.
    Boehner was within 2 votes of losing the Speakership in January and won by only 6 votes.
    I would like to see him replaced by Michele Bachmann or Allen West!
    I have spoken with Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State and he will help pull this off!

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