The GOP has the numbers, but Roy runs Raleigh.


The General Assembly has passed all kinds of green energy nonsense. They refused to challenge the governor’s long-term use of “emergency powers” — well beyond the end of ANY emergency.  They let the governor beat them to the punch, regarding the overturn of Roe v. Wade, with a meaningless open-ended executive order.  The Senate approved Medicaid expansion.  “Parental Rights” is apparently too divisive and too much of a “political football”. The legislature has made no significant efforts to control state spending.  They’re even looking at putting devices in our cars to track our mileage so they can more efficiently tax us.

Sounds like a Democrat-controlled legislature, eh? Sadly, no.  It’s the dying embers of what was once known as “The Conservative Revolution.”  A group that used to ignore the governor’s mansion and do what it wants is now surrendering to Democrat Cooper every time before the first shot is  even fired.

The reason so much conservative legislation is dying on the vine on Jones Street?  A bunch of whining to the effect of “Cooper is just going to veto it.” 

WAAAAAAAAAANNNH! (*Call the wahhhhhhm-bulance.*)

Wait until we get the super-majority back after November, we’re told.  Question: If they won’t take on  conservative issues now, with the votes they have, what makes you believe they’ll do it when the GOP caucuses are bigger?  (If they get bigger …)

I am told by friends on the inside on Jones Street that there is a bigger conservative population in both chambers than I realize.  The leaders, I’m told, have no courage and are a big part of the problem.  Well, who can fix that?  What good is the whole Republican caucus if they’re going to keep electing cash-gobbling wet noodles like Phil Berger and Timmy Moore?  If your majorities are helping to pass things in the Democrat platform, WHY should folks vote to give you MORE HELP?

(For the record,  budget “surpluses” are not a good thing or conservative thing. They are an indication you have confiscated too much money from us, and need to give some of it BACK.)

Make Cooper veto stuff.  “Roy Cooper wants you to be able to kill your baby up to the 8-1/2 month mark.”  “Roy Cooper thinks $5 gas is great.  In fact, it is a bargain.  The price should be higher, he says.”   His vetoes could provide excellent ammo for ads like that. The vetoes put him on the record. The current surrender-first tactics make ol’ Roy look like a good ol’ harmless Southern Democrat who might make a good Democrat VP candidate.

We want to see some fight against big-government liberalism and its advocates.  If you’re not going to fight, leave town and let someone who WILL fight replace you.