Tea Party finds an opponent for Kay Hagan



The Republican Liberty Caucus and The Eastern North Carolina Tea Party have united behind a Wake County physician’s effort to unseat U.S. Senator Kay Hagan.   Dr. Greg Brannon of Cary has thrown his hat in the ring as a GOP challenger to US Senator Kay Hagan — who is up for reelection in 2014.

Brannon announced his intentions Saturday at a Tea Party event in Winterville, North Carolina.  Regular listeners of the Bill LuMaye radio show in The Triangle  may recognize Brannon, who is a frequent guest.   Brannon also is known for his work with a grassroots organization called Founders’ Truth.

Some may already be expressing concerns about Brannon’s lack of statewide name ID.  Think back to 2008.  Who — outside of Greensboro and the legislative building — had heard of Kay Hagan? 



28 thoughts on “Tea Party finds an opponent for Kay Hagan

  1. Greg Brannon is a true patriot. He basically has the constitution memorized and interprets it exactly like Thomas Jefferson. He is what NC needs!

    Brannon 2014!

  2. As a TEA Party member I will tell you he will be veted and then his name will be all over the state in a week. Kay Hagan must go!

  3. Where do I sign up to support this guy? I’m on board already. Hagan has to go. Her Club for Growth score, for example, has hovered around 6 for the duration of her first term. Hint, John Kerry usually scores around a 4 and Nancy Pelosi around a 7. Virginia Fox is usually close to 100, Richard Burr and Coble usually each receive scores of around 88. Regardless of the methodology or the factors CG uses to evaluate a candidate’s voting record on economic growth issues (most likely a regression model that includes votes on tax policy, regulatory policy, trade and energy issues, etc.), the index consistently ranks those we would normally assume to be more conservative, higher on economic growth issues than those we assume to be liberal. The highest scoring Democrat Senator, for example, is Mary Landrieu of red state Louisiana (she normally scores around a 48, most likely because of her pro-growth stand on energy development). When a Senator from NC consistently scores lower on this quite reliable (and most likely valid) measurement than Nancy Pelosi, then something is clearly amiss. While I’d vote for virtually anyone over hyper-liberal Hagan, this guy (Brannon) is now on my radar as a front runner.

  4. Count me as a supporter. Time to give the seat back to North Carolina instead of a liberal stamp for the Democrat Party

  5. The Tea Party and conservative grassroots helped to get Dan Forest elected to Lt. Governor.

    I believe it’s time for a repeat in 2014!

    Dr. Bannon for Senate!!!!

  6. This guy needs to get around to as many GOP county and district conventions as possible this year, and also to the state convention. We need to help push him and get his name out throughout the party.

  7. Always happy to welcome and support another genuine conservative that recognizes that we have to change “the change we were handed in ’08 and ’12”, which is not a job for the faint of heart or weak of will. Anything I can do to help let me know.

  8. Dr. Greg Brannon says, “Most disease come from a lack of education on proper nutrition, exercise, supplements, and bioidentical hormone replacement. Medi Weightloss Clinics® and Dr. Brannon offer the education and treatment you need to become the ‘New You’.” http://pages.citebite.com/q9q8n1d7bkis

    Seriously, people: you want to run a guy who promotes THAT kind of snake oil?

    And, on top of that, a guy who has never run for ANYTHING, and is crazy enough to think he can START his political career by running for the U.S. Senate??

    And, as if that weren’t enough, a guy who openly supports a nutcase like Ron Paul???

    If that’s the best the GOP can do, Kay Hagan is home free.

    Remember what happened when the GOP ran a Rontard for State Treasurer? Democrat Janet Cowell should have been vulnerable, after her Facebook stock debacle, and in a year when NC Republicans dominated. But when the news got out that Republican candidate Steve Royal is a Ron Paul nut who wants to create a regional currency as an alternative to the U.S. dollar, Cowell coasted to an easy victory.

    The lesson is that if Republicans want to win, DON’T RUN NUTS!

    1. The worst thing we could do is to run a weasel like Thom Tillis. That would be a sure loss. I hope that is not what you are for.

      A number of people have been elected to the US Senate who have not been elected to anything before like Jesse Helms, John East, and Elizabeth Dole.

      1. Elizabeth Dole was U.S. Secretary of Transportation under President Reagan and Secretary of Labor under Bush 41, and then head of the American Red Cross, all before running for Senate.

        Helms was a Raleigh City Councilman (elected twice), and famous conservative icon.

        East had previously run for the U.S. House, albeit unsuccessfully, and he was a close associate of then-Senator Helms, and had the backing of the powerful Congressional Club.

        Brannon is a no-name MD, with no political experience, and he’s an open supporter of sleazy nutcase Ron Paul.

        That last fact is proof that Brannon’s judgement is too poor to justify electing him to anything. If you don’t understand that, it means that either you’re a nut, too, or else you don’t know enough about Ron Paul.

        Ron Paul regularly tramples the Constitution that he’s sworn to uphold. For instance, he pretends the federal government has no constitutional authority to spend money overseas, even though George Washington’s administration spent 1/6-th of its budget on direct payments to foreign governments. That’s Ron Paul’s flimsy excuse for opposing PEPFAR, despite the millions(!!) of lives it saves, and the huge boost it gives to American prestige in the world.

        Here’s another example. Article 1, Sec. 8, paragraph 10 of the Constitution specifically authorizes the federal government to define and punish offenses against the Law of Nations (international law), and there’s no clearer violation of international law than genocide. But Paul says even GENOCIDE overseas is not our concern, and we shouldn’t even send FOOD aid to genocide victims:
        (be sure to listen all the way to the end, to hear the serious candidates’ excellent rebuttals)

        The notion that the federal gov’t has no constitutional authority to interfere with genocide is purest nonsense.

        Another example: Ron Paul pretends that that the Interstate Commerce Clause doesn’t even cover interstate commerce! He not only voted against outlawing sex-selection abortions, he claims the federal government is without authority to restrict or regulate transporting of underage girls across state lines to procure out-of-state abortions without their parents’ knowledge. It’s obviously interstate commerce, so the federal government plainly has authority. Yet Ron Paul has repeatedly joined Democrats in defending that appalling practice from federal interference. Google “CIANA” for details, or see these sites:

        Ron Paul doesn’t just lie about the Constitution, either. He lies about his opponents, and other things, too. For instance, he lies about his own newsletters!

        In 1995 Ron Paul told CSPAN that “I put out” the newsletters, which had titles like “The Ron Paul Investment Letter,” “The Ron Paul Political Report,” “The Ron Paul Survival Report,” and “The Ron Paul Political Report: Special Issue on Racial Terrorism.” Among many other outrageous things, his newsletters accused MLK Jr. of seducing underage girls & boys, and cheered for David Duke (the former KKK Grand Wizard), likening him to John Wayne.

        In 1996, Ron Paul defended the newsletters to the Dallas Morning News, and specifically defended calling “95%” of black men in Washington, DC “semi-criminal or entirely criminal.” He said his words were taken out of context (which they weren’t).

        But now he says he didn’t write the newsletters which bore his name, and doesn’t know who wrote them, and didn’t even know what was in them. (That’s a transparent lie; in fact, his own secretary says he proofread them!)

        Ron Paul’s racist newsletters were no aberration, either. He published them for years, marketing them to white supremacists and survivalists.

        When you lie as much as Ron Paul does, it’s hard to keep your story straight, but there are still gullible people who believe him, anyhow. See:

        Pandering to creepy nutcases is a consistent habit for Ron Paul. Now he panders to 9-11 “Truthers” like his friends, Lew Rockwell & Alex Jones, and this one:

        Jones and Paul are tight. Paul’s been on Jones’ radio show over 200 times. Here’s Alex Jones talking about conservatives:

        Jones “thinks” (I use the word loosely) secret conspiracies or space aliens are “the world’s controllers.”

        He also says the government is intentionally poisoning you with vaccines and fluoride to keep you docile.

        Here he is in action, abusing Michelle Malkin:

        Obama finally disassociated himself from Jeremiah Wright, but Ron Paul won’t disassociate himself from Alex Jones.

        After Ron Paul failed to win the nomination, he petulantly refused to endorse Romney/Ryan, just as he’d previously refused to endorse McCain. That helped Obama and the Democrats a lot.

        ObamaCare wouldn’t have happened w/o Ron Paul’s repeated betrayals of the GOP (and the Bircher & libertarian nutjobs’ incessant & often dishonest attacks on conservatives and the GOP). So now we’re stuck with it. So here’s what we can look forward to in a few decades:

        Be sure to remember, 30 years from now, to thank Ron Paul supporters for ObamaCare, as you wait 6 months for an MRI scan (like Canadians already do), while your suspected cancer metastasizes, or as you wait 3 years, in misery, to get your gall bladder removed, or as you live out your last few years in a wheelchair because, at your age, you’ll never get to the top of the waiting list for a new knee.

        Thank them, too, as your baby granddaughter is dehydrated to death to rid society of the burden of her disabilities, like they do in the UK:

        RINOs like Ron Paul and his supporters have done enormous damage to America. If you care at all about liberty; if you care at all about truth; if you prefer sound science to eco-terrorism; if you value prosperity; if you care at all about traditional values; if you care at all about the Bill of Rights’ then PLEASE do everything you can to thwart Ron Paul and his crazy supporters.

      2. As sad as I was when Tillis defeated conservative tiger John Rhodes, Tillis has done a pretty good job of “herding cats” in the NC House Republican caucus, and he’s certainly not a “weasel” — and he’s not a quack doctor who rejects the germ theory of disease.

          1. deniers are IDIOTS, too stupid to be voting!

            STRIVE to be SMARTER than the EVIL NC democrackkks WANT you to BE!

        1. You seem to forget that Tillis was the stooge of the corrupt and anti-conservative Richard Morgan / Jim Black machine in that primary against Rhodes. You forget just how rotten his political roots are.

          Tillis also let us down on a number of things as Speaker. For example, he tried to water down the Voter ID bill, and then refused to even bring it up for an override vote. That is inexcusable. If the vote failed, it would give us a voting record to hammer specific Democrat incumbents with, and if it passed, that all the better. We were in a win-win sitution to press for a vote, but the idiot or traitor Tillis refused to do it.

          Tillis’ recent waffling on Obamacare shows that he is way to wishy-washy to be anyone a conservative could vote for.

          I will work hard to beat Tillis’ worthless ass in a primary.

          You seem to imply that you are a Tillis supporter.

          1. Raphael, I’ve not forgotten that Morgan backed Tillis (which is why I was initially skeptical about Tillis). I worked long and hard to get rid of Morgan. This is MY web site:


            (Note: the first of those domains used to belong to Richard Morgan.)

            I’ll bet I worked a lot harder to oust Morgan than you did!

            Fortunately, Morgan’s support for Tillis was motivated by his animosity toward Rhodes, NOT by Tillis being a RINO like Morgan.

            I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Tillis’s performance. You’re giving him a bad rap, on both Voter ID and ObamaCare.

            On Voter ID, we just plain didn’t have the votes to pass it. Trying to get something weaker that’s “better than nothing” is a reasonable strategy, and it doesn’t make Tillis an “idiot or traitor” to support that.

            The situation is similar with ObamaCare. There’s only so much we can do at the State level, because we LOST at the federal level. We can’t stop the implementation of ObamaCare, we can only do our best to minimize the damage it does to healthcare quality in NC.

            Well-meaning people can differ about strategy: would it be better for the NC legislature to refuse to participate in setting up the insurance exchange, or would it be better for NC to do it, and try to minimize the damage it does to your healthcare system? I truly don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that disagreeing about such things doesn’t make someone an “idiot or a traitor.”

            I supported Rhodes against Tillis, but if Tillis had a primary I don’t know who I’d support. Tillis has done a pretty good job, but it would obviously depend on who his opponent was. If his opponent was a Rontard RINO or Bircher nut, I’d support Tillis without hesitation.

  9. You know, I seem to recall another OB/GYN who’d never held political office before running for Senate right out of the box a couple of years back. If memory serves, he defeated Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked candidate in the GOP primary, then ran all over the state’s Obama-loving Attorney General. Now he’s leading the fight in the U.S. Senate to stop the sale of F-16’s to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

    You seem to be sorely in the minority here, Dave. Perhaps an actual conservative Republican Party that cares about principle isn’t the party for you.

      1. Rand Paul was an eye doctor when he began his campaign for the US Senate. Confusing him for an OB-GYN was a minor mistake on Adam’s part. But it DOES NOT take away from the validity of his point.

        1. Pretty sorry job “leading the fight” against the Egyptian F-16s and tanks… how the heck do you lose 79–19 on something like that?

          He does seem to be a much better man than his daddy, but his daddy specialized in supporting pie-in-the-sky proposals that had no chance of passing, while opposing the incremental conservative reforms that could actually make a difference, and it appears to me that perhaps Rand learned a little too much from his daddy.

          1. Maybe you lose 79-19 on something like that because, #1, Democrats still control the Senate, and #2, most of those who label themselves “Republican” in the Senate are mostly playing on the same team as the Democrats, since they all support arming and funding our enemies.

            The poster boy for this kind of pathetic Republicrat is NC’s own Richard Burr, who voted to send the Muslim Brotherhood F-16s and M1 Abrams tanks.

            Defend that, if you can.

  10. I want Hagan unseated by a Democrat in the primary! Why should she even get to the match up with the Republican? If no other Democrat throws their hat in the ring before the deadline to file, which is February 28, 2014, I have decided I will. I am a registered Democrat with VERY conservative views and would like to throw Hagan out before the REAL election.

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