Carolina Comeback?: kick people off unemployment, raise taxes, send state $$$$ to Carolina Panthers

legislatureOne of Richard Morgan’s favorite legislators, Julia Howard, says we need to kick a bunch of people off of unemployment by July 1.  In the meantime, legislators from Gov. Pat and Speaker Thom’s home county are rallying the troops to (1) approve a local sales tax bill for Charlotte and (2) approve additional tax money for renovations to Bank of America Stadium — home to the *Super Bowl -bound* Carolina Panthers.  

So, we are kicking people off of unemployment — in the midst of an economic nightmare — so we can send millions upon millions of state moolah to filthy-rich Jerry Richardson to renovate his privately-owned stadium where his filthy-rich employees attempt to play football on Sundays?  Welcome to the *conservative* revolution. 

Granted we have a multi-billion dollar debt to the feds for borrowed unemployment insurance funds.  We need to pay that back.  THAT seems more important than dumping multi-millions on this football stadium.  Instead of catering to one NFL team, how about some serious spending cuts, deregulation and tax reform — so we can get this economy back on its feet and get our people back to work?