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#ncga: Lower tuition. (Um, racist?)

Apparently, so. It’s really amazing.  The same crowd that cheers Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton for railing against the high cost of college and wanting to either (a) partially subsidize it or (b) make it free are throwing some serious shade at MISTER Apodaca™:…

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#ncga: Senators slam drive-by, Dem spin on alleged harm to schools by budget delay

Blinkin’ Chris and his unruly mob have been on a tear telling us how the children will all get dumb and fail in life because legislators have not coughed up more money.  Senator Tom Apodaca — senator Berger’s ‘muscle’ and the senate’s majority whip Jerry…

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#ncga: Senate sending pretty much WHOLE GOP caucus to budget conference

The chess match between House and Senate leaders got a little more interesting this week.  We already reported on how the House is sending a pack of RINOS and a bunch of Democrats to confer with the Senate on the state budget.  (Basically, they’re sending…

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#ncga: A payday for drive-by reporters?

It appears that twin brothers Bob Rucho and Tom Apodaca are taking pity on the drive-bys who spend so much time peppering them with stupid questions and making them miserable.  The GOP senators introduced a bill allowing for unemployment insurance and workman’s compensation payments for…

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The state budget impasse: It’s ALL Pat’s fault !!!

It’s amazing.  Bill Barber, Chris Fitzsimon, and their echo chambers at McClatchy and WRAL have been trying to sell us that a hard-right revolution is sweeping through Raleigh — making school kids dumber, taking food out of senior citizens’ mouths.     THAT kind of…

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The Tenth Amendment rides again in Raleigh

      The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — which basically says, if it ain’t specifically in The Constitution, it’s a state matter — has been rediscovered by leaders in North Carolina state government.  And the media and their lefty comrades are pissed….