#ncga: A payday for drive-by reporters?

ruchoapIt appears that twin brothers Bob Rucho and Tom Apodaca are taking pity on the drive-bys who spend so much time peppering them with stupid questions and making them miserable.  The GOP senators introduced a bill allowing for unemployment insurance and workman’s compensation payments for people employed by newspapers.   Perhaps these two wise men were foreseeing a dire future for the drive-bys.

We’ve been hearing about McClatchy’s troubles for years.  Recently, we’ve heard about layoffs at The Fayetteville Observer.  (Perhaps these two weepy, kind-hearted guys were feeling extra generous with our money when they introduced this.)  Their bill, introduced on March 30, struck the following language from the law:

[…]  It shall be a rebuttable presumption that the term “employee” shall not  include any person performing services in the sale of newspapers or  magazines to ultimate consumers under an arrangement whereby the  newspapers or magazines are to be sold by that person at a fixed price and  the person’s compensation is based on the retention of the excess of the fixed  price over the amount at which the newspapers or magazines are charged to the person. […] 

Alas, these two merry-makers withdrew this bill from consideration today.