#ncga: Senate sending pretty much WHOLE GOP caucus to budget conference

Tom-Apodaca-Hendersonville-Lightning-IIThe chess match between House and Senate leaders got a little more interesting this week.  We already reported on how the House is sending a pack of RINOS and a bunch of Democrats to confer with the Senate on the state budget.  (Basically, they’re sending everybody who voted YES on that bloated mess.) 

The Senate appears to be countering this move by sending NO Democrats and pretty much THE WHOLE GOP CAUCUS to the inter-chamber conference on the budget.

Conferences are utilized to work out differences between the chambers when they’ve passed the same bill.  

I spoke with one insider who had this rather wry observation:

“Berger could simplify things by only sending Tom Apodaca — who could simply stare down the House side while laughing maniacally and occasionally blurting out the word ‘No.’ ”


5 thoughts on “#ncga: Senate sending pretty much WHOLE GOP caucus to budget conference

  1. Great. The House budget version contains the latest drone legislation, which extends the State’s ability to test military surveillance drones for… who knows what?

    Will the GOP Senate conferees step up to protect our 4th Amendment rights to not have a Big Brother eye in the sky watching us for the next forever? Inquiring minds, etc…

    America was a good experiment. Is this how it ends?

  2. Good for Senator Berger. He is a Republican who behaves like a Repubilcan. Speaker Moore, in contrast, is a Republican who behaves like a Democrat.

    GOP contributors should shun the phonies in the House and give all their contributions to the Senate committee, and to select individual conservatives in the House.

  3. What are you hearing about McCrory’s huge bond push? I heard there is still a chance the bonds make it to the November ballot, perhaps on a smaller scale. This would be really bad, Berger cannot allow this to happen. No bonds should be put forward until all of the waste is cut out, corporate welfare is ended and never should a bond be on a low turnout ballot such as this November.

    McCrory governs like he’s still the mayor of Charlotte

  4. Love all of the Berger love these days.

    Problem is, I remember the same people just 365 days ago not only attacking his son but also calling for Senator Berger to be primaried next year!

    Nice to see people getting a clue, even if it is a little late. Next time you wonder WHY conservatism has such a hard time in the GOP, however, don’t blame RINOS. Blame yourself for not having the good sense God gave a goose when it comes to picking good candidates.

    1. Anyone who called for Senator Berger to be primaried was a fool. Berger is the sort of issue driven conservative that we need our leaders to be. Tillis / Moore, Boehner, and McConnell are not.

      Berger, Jr. is another matter. When he hooked up with the Boehner crowd, he was playing a very different political game than his father.

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