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#ncga: Both sides claiming lead for Tarte’s Meck senate seat

You know what polls are like.  Everyone’s got one: […Senator Jeff]Tarte’s campaign this week is touting the results of a recent poll that shows him with a 46-43 percent lead. That’s within the 5.7 percent margin of error, but it’s an improvement from previous polls….

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#ncga: Pasquotank voter hits Bob Steinburg with TWO ethics complaints

State Rep. Bob Steinburg (R-Chowan), currently running for state senate, has been quite a frequent target for this site.  From his foul-mouthed voicemail, to his per diem reimbursements, to his indicted top aide, to his sketchy basketball tournament deal with Currituck County, ol’ Bob has…

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#nc-09: Um, oh yeah — RACISM !!!!!

I was wondering how long it would take to get here: So, the snide, snobby vegan metrosexual who runs the failing Charlotte Observer’s op-ed page is showing us how brave he is by trashing two dead guys while smearing ONE live Republican candidate.  (And his…

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#ncpol: NC State, NC Spin keeping it “All In The Family”?

(Editor’s Note: By popular demand, we are re-posting this item from October.  Enjoy.) I was feeling a wee bit bored this weekend, so I decided to stream the latest episode of NC Spin on YouTube.  (*Somebody needs to watch it.*) Besides, I had been experiencing…

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#ncpol: We are seeing the future. (And it looks like Georgia.)

Well, lookee here: The Education Department said Wednesday that it is investigating whether a Georgia school district’s policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice created a “hostile environment” for a 5-year-old girl who said she was sexually assaulted in a school…

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#ncpol: House Republican caucus poo-poos concept of spending cuts

There are so many bizarre things happening this political season, I am expecting to start hearing voice-overs from Rod Serling. It wasn’t long ago that General Assembly Republicans were boasting about spending MORE than the Democrats.  Now, we have the House Republican Caucus political operation…

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NCGOPe all-stars cheer Easley crony’s staying power in Raleigh swamp

Every once in a while we get some evidence that — like in DC — Raleigh, and state government, are run by ONE big government-loving PARTY.  Look at what popped up on Twitter: Dan Gerlach was appointed head of The Golden Leaf Foundation in 2008….

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Next up for UNC snowflakes, rioters and statue-toppers: Kenan Stadium ???

That’s the hypothesis of the wise OLD man (and blogger) on the mountaintop, BobLee, who I frequently seek out for life-affirming warm fuzzies.  And, judging from one of the latest offerings from the UNC school paper, he may be on to something: Around thirty UNC…

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#ncpol: Obsessed with race and African socialism. Getting to Know Anita Earls

Since Barbara Jackson has decided to go away on vacation during this campaign season, we’ve decided to step forward and provide a little voter education.  Radical left-winger Anita Earls and Democrat plant Chris Anglin are trying to knock incumbent Republican Barbara Jackson off of the…

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Salisbury heads back to the trough.

It must be nice.  Blow through all of your money.  Make really bad decisions.  And you can simply run to your neighbors for MORE MONEY. It happens every month at the state’s Local Government Commission.  Local governments strapped for cash run to Raleigh for low-interest, long-term…