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All In The (Tilli$$) Family

    We’re not the only southern state with a  problematic  politician  named Tillis.   Check out the happenings in the Tennessee state legislature (where Thom’s brother serves) :   State Rep. Rick Tillis (R-Lewisburg) has agreed to step down from his majority whip position,…

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#ncga: Speciale NOT running for reelection in 2020

    Wow.  The number of bona fide conservatives is rapidly dwindling away in the North Carolina House.  Some have retired — as the result of frustration over a gerrymandered district, or to take on a bigger, better opportunity, or out of frustration with the…

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Duke U. kicks Christian group off campus

  Just when you thought no one could sink lower than that freak show in  Chapel Hill, someone DOES.   Apparently, to the leftist mob — and the SJWs-in-training on America’s campuses — it ALL boils down to the radical LGBTQIA political agenda.  DO what…

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#ncga: Where WERE House Democrats?

    The House Democrat caucus, their useless governor, their crazed fans out in the hinterlands, and some of the drive-by media have kept alive a conspiracy theory alleging that Speaker Timmy and his sidekick Mr. Lewis orchestrated some trickery to get the budget veto…

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#ncga: As the House Screams

    If you were watching the goings-on on Jones Street yesterday,  you might have thought you stumbled across a C-SPAN broadcast of the British House of Commons.  THAT is the place where they tend to get rowdy and bawdy.   Rep. Deb Butler (D-Wilmington)…

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Solar goons, Cooper ramming through Big Brother-ish “Clean Energy Plan”

  It’s been crafted by Cooper allies on the state Utilities Commission — along with some help from some bought-and-paid-for solar goons on Jones Street.  The public is being allowed very little say on the matter. Even though it will have a tremendous impact on…

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NC-03: The Allen Thomas Show

  We just told you about some of the bizarre activities of the Allen Thomas for Congress campaign.   Some folks are still demanding photos or video to go along  with the narrative.  We here at The Haymaker aim to please.  So, here we go….

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NC-03: A riot at the Harris-Teeter. Praising Allah. (The Allen Thomas campaign.)

  There must be something in the water in New Bern.   Anyway, somebody in the Allen Thomas (D) campaign for Congress thought it would be a great idea this past week to organize a “flash mob” — a spontaneous-looking gathering — of supporters inside…

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#ncpol: Holly Grange throws a fit

  “Do you know WHO I am ?????”   That’s a question that likely opens a lot of doors for state Rep. Holly Grange in the vicinity of Raleigh’s Jones Street and among Wilmington’s country-club set.  But earlier this week — out among “the real…

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The unholy alliance between abortionists and the enviro-wackos

  This is something that has folks on the left and the right perturbed.  (For different reasons, though.)  One of the more significant money-men behind this political alliance is apparently a North Carolinian named Fred Stanback.   Here’s the story on the moneyed Salisbury resident…