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No longer your Dad’s (or WFB’s) National Review

National Review turned me on to conservatism in the mid-80s.  It was refreshingly anti-establishment and full of all kinds of thought-provoking stuff. A lot of the rebels of those days have left the magazine.  William F. Buckley passed on through the pearly gates.  And the…

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The decline and fall of National Review

It’s kind of like watching a friend or favorite relative grow old and feeble.  At one time, National Review was my political “bible”, but now it’s something I rarely take a look at. William F. Buckley founded the magazine in 1955.  It’s motto? “Stand athwart…

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#ncsen: What the Tillis camp is thinking riiiiiiiiight NOW

National Review’s Jim Geraghty has talked with a source of his who he says is a consultant “plugged in” to the GOP’s efforts in the Colorado and North Carolina US Senate races.  Here’s what his source has to say about our race: In North Carolina,…

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#NCSEN: National Review peddles Rove’s nonsense

National Review — formerly the Bible for upstart conservatives — is lecturing us here in North Carolina for daring to have an intraparty debate and interfering with the establishment’s plans to hand-pick a GOP opponent for Kay Hagan.  “Electability,” we’re told, is what we need…

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Some common sense on voter ID

          Jonah Goldberg, editor of National Review Online, has it just about right on the issue of voter identification in today’s edition of The Daily: Right now, millions of adult Americans cannot legally fly on an airplane or rent a car….

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Worse than a powder keg: How DC politicos have made a mess out of our war on terror

        Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy — the guy who put the ‘Blind Sheik’, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center Attack, behind bars — has an excellent piece in National Review about how micromanagement from DC is wasting a lot of American…

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Senator DeMint: We are STILL not cutting.

    For those of us active in The Tea Party, who thought we really brought change to Washington in November 2010, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) article in National Review provides quite a reality check for us: Despite bipartisan promises to cut spending after…