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The plot thickens on Pinehurst historic landmark status

The Fayetteville Observer profiled the Pinehurst mayoral race this week, and included THIS passage: Fiorillo said her primary goal as mayor would be implementing changes to the Village Green, which would include creating a grassy park and expanding the library. Those changes have been opposed…

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Partners In Progress moving to downtown Pinehurst?

Could Moore County’s chief economic development organ be leaving its current location in the Moore County Chamber building on 15-501 to the more exclusive environs of historic downtown Pinehurst?  My spies tell me Moore County Partners In Progress is being seriously tempted by an attractive…

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Razook’s endorses Joan Thurman

Razook’s, the world-renowned women’s clothing store in downtown Pinehurst, has endorsed Joan Thurman for village mayor.  Yep, that’s right.  You can see her campaign signs in the windows of the Razook’s building in downtown.  I think that makes sense.  After all, Joan is a very…

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Pinehurst 2011: Howard and …… JOAN??????????

Yes, like many Moore Countians, I had to do a double take at that picture in the Sunday edition of The Pilot (of course, after wiping up the mouthful of coffee I spit out in shock).  There was an ad in the paper claiming that…

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Pinehurst 2011: Mayoral ‘qualifications’

Don’t you just love the empty buzzwords and catchphrases political candidates use in their ads? As an example, let’s look at the campaign of Pinehurst mayoral wannabe Joan Thurman.  Her ad, on the front page of The Pilot’s web site says she is a “long…

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Pinehurst 2011: The Village Green

  Plans to update or revamp the village’s historic downtown area have been a hot topic for the last couple of years.  Controversies have grown from village government’s consideration of the NewCore development strategy, the proposed Village Chapel expansion, and plans for revamping The Village…

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Pinehurst 2011: Google search reaps even more water talk

A media report on a 2010 public hearing before the Moore County Board of Commissioners featured this item: And Nancy Roy Fiorillo of the Pinehurst Village Council said the town of Pinehurst would love to give the county money to own its own water system,…

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Pinehurst 2011: Water, Agua, eau

  Moore County has had more than its fair share of water drama in recent years.  Long periods without rain have mad water access  — in a county with limited natural water resources — an adventure. Southern Pines has its own water plant and reservoir….

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Pinehurst 2011: candidate no-shows turn town hall forum into “The John Marcum Show”

Pinehurst mayoral candidate John Marcum says increasing public input into village decisions is a key point in his platform. “This current group in village government makes their decisions, then provides a limited opportunity for the public to comment,” Marcum said at a town hall forum…