Razook’s endorses Joan Thurman

Razook’s, the world-renowned women’s clothing store in downtown Pinehurst, has endorsed Joan Thurman for village mayor.  Yep, that’s right.  You can see her campaign signs in the windows of the Razook’s building in downtown.  I think that makes sense.  After all, Joan is a very stylish woman.  She must spend TONS of money with Razook’s.

What?  Oh, that’s right.  Razook’s closed that location down a number of years ago.  That explains the Clift Commercial signs in the windows next to the Thurman campaign signs.  You say the building was being fixed up to house the offices of an international golf course group?  Why is the building still pretty much empty, with real estate signs in the window?  Are the real estate signs and campaign signs in line with the appearance guidelines for our historic downtown?  

It appears there is a significant amount of space for lease or sale in the old Razook’s building, which must be at least partially owned by a Thurman supporter. (How else could signs end up being posted on the interior side of the windows?)  Could all of that available space in that downtown building, apparently owned by Thurman supporters, have any connection to Thurman’s recent endorsement of a business incubator in downtown Pinehurst?

Business incubators typically involve government money subsidizing space for startup businesses.  If Thurman wins the mayor’s race, will Pinehurst tax dollars be headed for the Razook’s building?

2 thoughts on “Razook’s endorses Joan Thurman

  1. I could not believe this when I saw it. Joan Thurman is not qualified to be major of Pinehurst, must less to even be on the Council. She is the wife of a retired general, and acts the part, expecting people to bow to her pronouncements and positions. This is the last person that Pinehurst needs when there are so many difficult and real issues with which to deal. wmw

    1. I should have said “mayor” and “much” both of which were typos. We desperately need people on the Council and as Mayor who have business experience and know how to make critical decision. wmw

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