Pinehurst 2011: Mayoral ‘qualifications’

Don’t you just love the empty buzzwords and catchphrases political candidates use in their ads?

As an example, let’s look at the campaign of Pinehurst mayoral wannabe Joan Thurman.  Her ad, on the front page of The Pilot’s web site says she is a “long time resident”,  “experienced,” “qualified’, and a “community leader.”

If being a “long time resident,” is an important qualification for being mayor, then John Marcum should win hands-down.  (He and his wife Bettye grew up in Pinehurst.)

Let’s move on to Thurman’s claim to be “experienced” and “qualified.”

(I watched this woman, clearly confused and perplexed about the issues, stammer and stutter her way through candidate forums when she ran for village council in 2007. So I have personal doubts about the propriety of using those two adjectives to describe her.  Believe me, I was stunned when she turned out to be the top vote-getter that year.) 

Thurman’s “experience” is being married to a general.  Nancy Fiorillo has a wealth of experience in local government, and John Marcum has a wealth of experience in business and government.

And this “community leader” business:  Her only community activities I am aware of are her work with the Moore Republican Women and her role as political enforcer for SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™.  Two activities that benefit Joan, and Joan only. 

Thurman is very rarely quoted  in news coverage of the Pinehurst council’s deliberations.  She has no campaign web site, and her Facebook page is devoid of any discussion of the issues.

What makes this woman think she can competently govern the village bureaucracy? Why should we vote for her in November?   Why should we take her seriously?