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More on public school bureaucrat duplicity

We posted earlier on how edu-crats here in Moore County have a yearly ritual of LYING their posteriors off to the public about their financial position.  *Oh, the babies are going to starve! We’re going to have to pack 50 into each classroom! We’re going…

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Making change at the twilight of the Obama era

I stopped by a particular retail establishment to buy a particular item this week.  I found my item and took it to the first register I saw — which was manned by a young lady probably in high school or not far out of it….

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School funding: The never-ending sob story

In Moore County, as I am sure it is in your county, THIS story is getting way too old:  With Moore County Schools’ dire budgetary straits and ever-stricter state mandates threatening arts programs and athletics, parents and teachers are circling the wagons.[…]  Notice how the…

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ONE MORE reason my alma mater will get ZIPPO from me

Okay. I grimaced and just dealt with the Jimmy Hoffa memorial professorship.  Then came the “mandatory LGBT sensitivity training” for all student organizations.  (You get shut down and kicked off campus if you refuse to participate.  How sensitive is that?) There has been a major…

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Duke University. Sex toy demonstrations. (Yee-ha.)

(Insert your most inappropriate Duke-men’s-basketball-team-related comments here.) Granted, Duke is NOT a public school. (But it is kinda funny.)  And it still ought to really tick off anyone busting their rump to pay the astronomical tuition to attend that place when they’re funding crap like…

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Moore County: NCAE, meet Stacey. Stacey, meet the NCAE.

  Stacey Caldwell is an appointed member of the Moore County Board of Education.  She’s facing the voters for the first time.   She appears to have contracted a condition that afflicts many a politician and political celebrity around these parts:  Failing to Stop and…

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College attendance a ‘Right’? (WRONG!)

Margaret Spellings, the former federal education secretary who sailed into the UNC president’s post with the blessing of a bunch of GOPe types in Raleigh, has declared college to be a “right” for all North Carolinians:  What if all North Carolinians reached their full potential?…

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WHY is it OK for Dave Matthews Band to get a UNC professor, but not for the Koch Brothers?

Gene Nichol gets paid six figures of our money PER YEAR for what appears to be no more than writing a bunch of angry hard-left op-eds for The N&O.   He makes it a point of IDing himself as The Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor of…

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#ncpol: Educating ‘Lieutenant Linda’

Wouldn’t it be nice if the drive bys fact-checked and interrogated Democrat candidates like they do Republicans?  (We can all dream, can’t we?)  The Asheville Citizen-Times’s Mark Barrett was standing by, with his pencil sharpened, ready to take dictation for Linda Coleman, the Democrat making…

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#ncpol: Readin’, ‘ritin’, and RADICALIZATION

Homeschooling and charter schools are growing in popularity in North Carolina.  THAT has leftists gnashing their teeth furiously.  *It MUST be racism! It MUST be Trump’s fault!* It may have more to do with the fact that a good ol’ education AIN’T what it used to…