Public Schools eat up HALF of the county budget. (And they’re demanding MORE.)


It’s like a broken record.  Every year,  Moore county public school officials and their puppets on the school board go to the media , and before the county board of commissioners, boo-hooing about how they simply don’t have enough money to properly educate all of the skulls full of mush in their care from 8 to 3 each day.



The stenographers at our local paper lead the propaganda offensive to shake more money out of the public’s pockets.  We’re told there is absolutely NO FAT or WASTE to cut, and that any cuts made would be in the form of classes the kiddies so enjoy.  (Meanwhile, there are so many PhDs making six figures on the payroll, the edu-crats at the central office had to quietly establish a “central office annex.”)



We’ve been conned into raising our own property taxes so bonds can be purchased to prolong Dr. Bob’s spending spree.  There’s also talk of a new sales tax to “benefit” the schools.  These people are really good at separating us from our money.



Most recently, the edu-crats were in front of county leaders begging for more money to cover cost overruns on some of the new schools being built.



The next time you hear a school system bureaucrat whine to The Pilot about not having enough money, consider THIS:  Roughly HALF of the most recently approved county budget is devoted to education.




 The county’s FY 2019/2020 budget spends a grand total of $114,071,611.   Of that grand total,  $56,742,216 is spent on EDUCATION.


As a comparison, Human Services (which includes the social safety net) gets $15,870,352.



Upon learning this information, one has to next ask:  HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?  (Will the public education crowd EVER stop putting their hand out and start living within their means — like the rest of us DO? )