Public Schools eat up HALF of the county budget. (And they’re demanding MORE.)


It’s like a broken record.  Every year,  Moore county public school officials and their puppets on the school board go to the media , and before the county board of commissioners, boo-hooing about how they simply don’t have enough money to properly educate all of the skulls full of mush in their care from 8 to 3 each day.



The stenographers at our local paper lead the propaganda offensive to shake more money out of the public’s pockets.  We’re told there is absolutely NO FAT or WASTE to cut, and that any cuts made would be in the form of classes the kiddies so enjoy.  (Meanwhile, there are so many PhDs making six figures on the payroll, the edu-crats at the central office had to quietly establish a “central office annex.”)



We’ve been conned into raising our own property taxes so bonds can be purchased to prolong Dr. Bob’s spending spree.  There’s also talk of a new sales tax to “benefit” the schools.  These people are really good at separating us from our money.



Most recently, the edu-crats were in front of county leaders begging for more money to cover cost overruns on some of the new schools being built.



The next time you hear a school system bureaucrat whine to The Pilot about not having enough money, consider THIS:  Roughly HALF of the most recently approved county budget is devoted to education.




 The county’s FY 2019/2020 budget spends a grand total of $114,071,611.   Of that grand total,  $56,742,216 is spent on EDUCATION.


As a comparison, Human Services (which includes the social safety net) gets $15,870,352.



Upon learning this information, one has to next ask:  HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?  (Will the public education crowd EVER stop putting their hand out and start living within their means — like the rest of us DO? )

14 thoughts on “Public Schools eat up HALF of the county budget. (And they’re demanding MORE.)

  1. So I have come up with a handy equation you can use in order to judge how much will ever be enough for any given school system:

    Total School needs = Total $ in existence in that jurisdiction + $1

  2. There needs to be more oversight and more accountability. We have a school being built in a toxic dump. Student privacy was violated and something just does not seem right with SFL+a donating to our campaign for the bond referendum and then they are awarded millions in projects??? Not to mention Birath used to work for SFL+a. Now the boe is going to extend the superintendents contract. The community should have a say in this decision.

  3. And since Dr. Bob is doing such a great job and the school board would like to reward him, oh, BTW, his contract isn’t up until 2021:
    The Board of Education is holding a special meeting on the 8th to decide whether or not to extend Dr. Grimesey’s contract.

    1. I get your sarcasm! He’s done a great job right? Hardy har har. I can’t wait to vote out every BoE member except Stacey!

  4. PhD Bob needs to be held accountable along with his side kick Birath.Then work on others.The only since they know is dollars and cents like a lot of other officials we have in our wonderful county.We all don’t have money trees to pick from like they do called property owners and hard working citizens in care of our county commissioners.

  5. We are spending a higher % on schools than any other county in NC. The schools that we are building are at the 2nd highest $ per square foot in the state. 2nd only to some small school in Asheville. Higher than Wake and every large county! When are people going to start asking the hard questions? We are getting ripped off people!!

  6. The worst part is the huge number of kids who come out not knowing South America from North America, and they hate the USA. Priceless.

  7. We need accountability in Moore County! We need someone from the outside to investigate Moore County Schools. There is no oversight and very serious citizen requests and concerns are routinely ignored by Moore County Schools and our Board of Education. Our state representatives are pretty much useless. And the local paper refuses to ask questions and disparages anyone who does!!! The Board of Education serves the superintendent rather than serving the children, parents, and taxpayers of this county. Moore County Schools is the second largest employer in the county and they have WAY too much control!!! We have taxation without representation!!! And it stinks, especially for the kids!!!

  8. Also, when we decided to build new schools, why didn’t we just build on land that we already owned, Pinecrest High and Southern Middle land? With each new school, there is a discussion of MCS being approached by a developer. And we only looked at that one piece of property, the property that was suggested by a developer, or a friend? One of the new schools is being built on land that borders a Board of Education members land (funny how they failed to mention that at the time). The owner of the land that we purchased is also connected to a current board member and we paid over $1 million for it, way more per acre than any other land purchase! Are we using our tax dollars to provide infrastructure for future developments (such as roads and sewer access), to benefit the friends of BOE members, or are we building schools to serve our students? I don’t like the idea of architects, construction companies, and developers lining their pockets with my tax dollars while serious needs in the county go unmet! We are talking about millions!!! That’s a lot of money that could be better spent on staff and supplies. And, of course, they are begging for more!

  9. I think we need to start from scratch. Have a forensic audit done and let’s see what is really going on with the money and then get honest good people on the boe and boc. Almost need people with no connection to the county.

  10. Everyone should try to attend the meeting tomorrow at 6pm in Carthage. I’m actually a little bit surprised that they didn’t postpone the meeting but we aren’t dealing with the most caring people.

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