Fight The Power! (Just, um, make sure you have a hall pass.)


The plight of public school teachers has had a lot of sympathy across the political spectrum.  Unfortunately, radical leftists have grabbed the steering wheel and are on the verge of destroying  a lot of that goodwill.



The North Carolina Association of Educators has adopted a logo for its upcoming ‘Day of Action’ harkening back to groups throughout history that have resorted to violence and mayhem as a method for achieving their ends.  We are talking about teachers.  They ought to know about history.  (*Right? Um, right?*)



The ‘raised fist’ has been used by the Irish Republican Army in their armed struggle — some say terrorist acts — against Great Britain.   In 1960s and 70s America, The Black Panther Party and The Weather Underground regularly waged violence against American law enforcement and military personnel under the banner of the ‘raised fist.’


Radical socialist groups around the globe have taken to the streets throughout the years under the banner of the ‘raised fist.’  The ‘raised fist’ logo certainly doesn’t exactly communicate pleasantries like “Can’t we all get along?” or “Let’s be friends.”    It communicates a message 180-degrees from ‘Peace, Love & Understanding.’



My research has uncovered articles linking the logo to some sort of allegiance with “oppressed people.”   Are you really oppressed in a job that gives you three months off in the summer? Are you really oppressed if you’re working in an occupation you actually CHOSE?



Oh, there are plenty of things about public education the public needs to be concerned about.  For instance, WHY does the education establishment work so hard to black-ball people who have real degrees (i.e., other than “Education majors”) and who have worked previously in the private sector  from teaching in the public school system?


I have a friend who took early retirement as a partner at a big-time accounting firm with offices all over the country and the globe.  He was interested in stepping up to teach math and other related subjects in his local school system.  The edu-crats demanded he go through all of this “certification” brain-washing and indoctrination and tried to make him jump through so many hoops that he just said ‘forget it.’  He’s now spending his days on the golf course, and the school system is missing out on having  a great talent in the classroom.


Meanwhile, last year’s school budget will continue to never be enough.  (And try telling the clenched, raised fist crowd that they must make do with the multi-millions they’ve already been appropriated.)

5 thoughts on “Fight The Power! (Just, um, make sure you have a hall pass.)

  1. Where were all the raised fists when the DEMOCRATIC NC Governor Bev Perdue CUT teacher pay? Teachers are better off now, thanks to Republicans, than they were under the Perdue administration.

  2. That fist does come straight out of communist graphics.

    Are teachers now supposed to be addressed as “Comrade”?

  3. Brant, you missed another communist link in the teacher collective.

    They have scheduled their big event for the biggest communist holiday on the calendar – May Day. I suppose they will be hollering “Workers of the world unite!” next.

    Their communist symbolism just does not stop. No wonder our kids are being brainwashed in the public schools.

  4. It is time for all good men and all good women to come to the aid of their country. “We the people” of N C are on the front line. The communist root is producing saplings. Those saplings are beginning to bud. They must not be allowed to flower.
    A proud to be remnant son of the American Revolution.
    Browny Douglas

  5. I grew up in small Burlington, WI which created a holiday “May Day US Way” to counter the show of force in Moscow with their May 1 Military extravaganza. I remember riding my horse in the 3-4 hour long parade Major Damo’d by a newspaperman named Otis Hewlett, who also invented the world renowned Burlington Liars Club. Not bad for a town with only 3 flashing stop lights and no red clenched fist Commie signs.

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