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#ncga: House GOP buying into “equity and diversity training” for cops?

That’s what it looks like: The House Select Committee on School Safety approved 14 recommendations to make schools safer. These recommendations made on Thursday, May 10, include more funding for school resource officers, licensing reciprocity for school psychologists, and requiring peer-to-peer counseling programs in schools….

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Alma Adams: Cops are pigs. Counting to 3 is hard. (And if I take this hat off, what’s left of my brain will fall out.)

Anyone who thinks HB2 is embarrassing to North Carolina ought to take a gander at congresswoman Alma Adams. If it’s racially-inflammatory, or even mildly Marxist-Leninist, she’s right there cheering for it loud and proud. We told you earlier about her challenges with counting.  A DC…

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New federal training video demands cops ignore science, laws like HB2 in dealing with trannies

We’ve all sat through those silly, lawyer-blessed “training” videos from the HR department at one time or another.  Cops, I’m sure, are subjected to a lot more than the rest of us.  A new training video for police, issued by the US Department of Justice,…