Alma Adams: Cops are pigs. Counting to 3 is hard. (And if I take this hat off, what’s left of my brain will fall out.)

Anyone who thinks HB2 is embarrassing to North Carolina ought to take a gander at congresswoman Alma Adams. If it’s racially-inflammatory, or even mildly Marxist-Leninist, she’s right there cheering for it loud and proud.

We told you earlier about her challenges with counting.  A DC driveby media outlet asked her for THREE WORDS describing one of Obama’s speeches.  She came back with more than a dozen.  

Now, she’s front-and-center defending some idiot kid’s painting — of pigs in cop uniforms — as something that needs to hang in our hallowed halls of government.  Of course, she’s taking the tried-and-true liberal line of “free expression.”

Though, I wonder if she’d feel the same way about a reenactment of the old “Amos & Andy” radio shows (a celebration of American culture, of course) or perhaps a painting of Little black Sambo and the tar baby.  I remember having that story read to me as a toddler.  (I also remember the restaurant chain called ‘Sambo’s’ that used to be all over The Carolinas.)  SJWs have done yeoman’s work wiping both the book and that restaurant chain off the face of the Earth.

As a black leader — one of many I assume who represent crime-infested communities — one would think Adams would be more responsible and encourage respect for the police and law-and-order.  Encouraging kids to view cops as “pigs” fosters yet another wave, another generation, of bloodshed and other irreparable damage to those troubled communities.

I’m all for taking a stand against censorship.  The kid has a right to paint what he wants. He doesn’t have a right to hang it in the halls of my government. This is not censorship.  It’s about our leaders demonstrating – and teaching a lesson about — responsibility and maturity and decency to our young people.  Right now,. Ms. Adams and her Congressional Black Caucus colleagues are failing miserably.

I hope Ms. Adams thinks back to this appalling bit of grandstanding the next time her car alarm goes off outside her house or gunshots ring out down the street. MAYBE *the pigs* will get there in time to help her.