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Monkey Business Report: Welcome to Madison County!

The politicians in Madison County are showing that they can hold their own with their neighbors in Haywood County.   We’ve received word of some antics during a recent meeting of the Madison County board of commissioners: Commissioners clashed down party lines last Tuesday night as the…

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Moore County to follow Brunswick, Pitt lead on amnesty resistance?

Sources within county government tell me that the Moore County board of commissioners is preparing a resolution mandating that county authorities (1) refuse to cooperate with resettlement of the border-crashing kids from Central America, and (2) enforce ALL current immigration laws to their fullest extent….

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Chatham Democrats: Get THOSE capitalists OUT of government !!!

For a long time, Chatham County has been an overflow containment area for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd.  Apparently, they were so satisfied with the job they did in ruining  neighboring Orange County that they were looking for new victims to subject to their loony-left hippie…

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Brunswick County leaders say NO to Barry Obama’s amnesty games

We’ve got a full-blown crisis at the Mexican border.  People are pouring into our country from the south — bringing poverty, sickness and God knows what else with them.  Barry Obama and his party speak of this development as a great thing, and are doing…

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Ritter replacing Kennedy on Moore County board of commissioners

The resignation of Moore County commissioner Craig Kennedy, a few weeks back, has added a little bit of drama to Moore County politics.   Kennedy, in 2010, came out of nowhere to upset incumbent commissioner Cindy Morgan — wife of SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™  — in the GOP…

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Power & Arrogance: Robeson pols living large on taxpayers’ dime despite county’s dismal economy

        Robeson County, in southeastern North Carolina, has officially become the state’s poorest jurisdiction.  It leads — or is near the top in all of the worst categories — crime, child abuse, venereal diseases, poverty, illiteracy.   You wouldn’t know things were…

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Timmy and his fertile imagination keep stirring up trouble

      A local politico — and faithful reader of this site — forwarded to me an email Moore County commissioner Tim Lea sent to him and several other  political figures around Moore County.  The Lea email included a link to a story in…

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A few things you might have missed if The Pilot is your primary news source

    If you depend on The Southern Pines Pilot to keep you informed on Moore County government, you MIGHT think  commissioner Tim Lea is the ONLY one who ever shows up at board meetings, and that Bojangles is the most pressing issue facing Moore…

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Tim Lea throws a tantrum, and The Pilot dutifully takes dictation

If you read The Pilot, you would think that county commissioner Tim Lea was little more than a crusading, good-government, of-the-people, by-the-people kind of guy.    He regularly throws tantrums at meetings — waving his arms demonstratively and rolling his eyes while others are talking….