Timmy and his fertile imagination keep stirring up trouble



A local politico — and faithful reader of this site — forwarded to me an email Moore County commissioner Tim Lea sent to him and several other  political figures around Moore County.  The Lea email included a link to a story in The Seven Lakes Times:

What began as a drive to protect the land around the Moore County Veterans Memorial in Carthage has become a sometimes acrimonious debate between Veterans and the Board of Commissioners that has dragged on now for four months.

In an attempt to settle the dispute, the Moore County Board of Commissioners approved, during their Tuesday, August 7 meeting, a list of members to serve on a new committee formed to determine how best to protect the Memorial.

But those appointments — approved three-to-one, with Commissioner Tim Lea dissenting — may have sparked much controversy than is quelled, because the veteran who has been most active in attempting to keep the Memorial issue before the public and the Commissioners, Westsider Chuck Spelman, was removed from the list of recommended appointees.

Spelman, a retired Army Major, is President of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 966; he has been a key player in the effort to have the land around the Veterans Memorial in Carthage protected, after learning that the Bojangles’ restaurant chain had offered to purchase a portion of the property for a fast-food restaurant. […]

I asked my #1 Moore County government mole for some inside info on this story:

“Spelman should not be surprised that he was removed from this list.  He stood up in front of a crowd and told off and verbally abused the board of commissioners, who had the final say on the  list of appointees.  My mama always told me that — if you want someone to do something for you — it’s best not to tell them off and insult them in front of an audience.”

The article also neglects to mention that chairman Larry Caddell read two letters into the record during Tuesday’s meeting – one from the Bojangles developer and one from the company CEO.  Both letters said that — due to the misinformation and acrimony resulting from local press coverage — the company was backing off from trying to develop a restaurant on the site in question.  Click HERE to watch the video.  (The letters are read near the beginning of the meeting.)

Here’s more from my mole:

”Commissioner Lea has little to no respect from the general public.  That should have been obvious to him from the 2008 election results, where he barely beat an unknown challenger.  I can tell you, firsthand, he has little to no respect from county employees or his colleagues on the board.  He realizes that no one likes him, and he’s not going to get his way.  So, he has abandoned any pretense of public service, and has made it his mission — in his last few months in office — to burn the whole house down around him.

Thank goodness he is not running for reelection. The last hours of his last day in office will be a great day for EVERYONE in Moore County.”