Brunswick County leaders say NO to Barry Obama’s amnesty games

warWe’ve got a full-blown crisis at the Mexican border.  People are pouring into our country from the south — bringing poverty, sickness and God knows what else with them.  Barry Obama and his party speak of this development as a great thing, and are doing nothing to stop it.  The Republicans look like deer in headlights.

Experts are warning that this mass migration will overwhelm our social welfare, law enforcement, and criminal justice systems.  Yet, our “leaders” are acting like spectators.

Texas governor Rick Perry is sending National Guard troops to the Mexican border. But the troops are not allowed to “enforce the law” or arrest anybody.  They are to behave like a “visual deterrent.”  Kind of like that empty police car sitting on the side of the road by your house meant to make you believe it’s part of a speed trap. If you KNOW there is no cop in there running radar, how is it deterring you from exceeding the speed limit? 

A few small towns in Arizona and California are taking a stand against the federal government’s efforts to disperse these illegals into their communities.  On Monday evening, the board of commissioners in Brunswick County, North Carolina took a step toward joining the fight against this de facto implementation of amnesty and erasure of our southern border:  




WHEREAS, the citizens of Brunswick County, North Carolina recognize their duty as

law-abiding citizens to act in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the North Carolinawall

Constitution, and are endowed with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which our

government has been instituted to secure; and

WHEREAS, the federal government is failing to protect the borders of our country in

accordance with Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution; and

WHEREAS, it is estimated that more than 90,000 illegal alien minors will arrive in the

United States during 2014 and an additional 145, 000 illegal alien minors during 2015; and

WHEREAS, this country is a nation of immigrants, save a current minority, and in its

earlier days, accepted individuals of any and every location, age, hue, combination and variety;


WHEREAS, that door of opportunity remains open for many of the poor, tired, huddled

masses, yearning to be free, the presence of so many, now totaling over 250 million, has caused a

tightening of the requirements for entry, to preserve the quality of life, a lifestyle unequalled

anywhere in the world; and

WHEREAS, this country has never experienced this type of crisis before, as those having

sought entry generally valued the integrity of the family and honored the protection of their own

children; and

WHEREAS, the economic plight of countries sharing the continent have now allowed and

encouraged minors to travel alone at great peril, preventing the American assimilation process,

founded upon principles of labor and education, and straining the already over-burdened facilities,

employees, and funding of the naturalization community; and

WHEREAS, the influx of school- age minors will have an adverse effect on our localobama-finger

school district educational funding, resources, campus security, public health and safety, as well

as all county resources; and

WHEREAS, this forced emergency reveals its hyperbole in that now the illegal entrants

run to the arms of the immigration officials, instead of trying to secret one’ s self; and

WHEREAS, this issue is not of Brunswick County’s making, and is much larger than

Brunswick County, and Brunswick County does not have the excess resources necessary for relief.

NOW THEREFORE, the Brunswick County Commissioners, meeting in regular session,

do hereby urge its government to uphold the laws of the land, cease any practices that would

encourage minors and adults fleeing to this country for economic reasons, expand from contiguous

jurisdictions immediate removal of any applicants while their case awaits a hearing, and refrain

from housing any unaccompanied minors and adults in Brunswick County.

Some may give this the ‘ho-hum’ “so what?” treatment.  Can you imagine the impact on “leaders” in Raleigh and DC if a dozen or two dozen counties followed suit? Can you imagine the impact of Brunswick County deputies blocking busloads of illegals from setting foot in their county?

Sometimes it takes small steps to help produce major change.  A band of guys dressed up like Indians and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.  Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus.  In late 2009, a CNBC anchor ranted against big government on-the-air and angry voters hijacked congressional town hall meetings.

The two political parties have shown they are not interested in fighting for us on things like Common Core, ObamaCare, taxes, and amnesty.  Our nation and our state are in huge trouble.  We’ve got a situation screaming for leadership.  Brunswick County’s commissioners are standing up for their people.  Have we got any other leaders out there?