Moore County to follow Brunswick, Pitt lead on amnesty resistance?

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Sources within county government tell me that the Moore County board of commissioners is preparing a resolution mandating that county authorities (1) refuse to cooperate with resettlement of the border-crashing kids from Central America, and (2) enforce ALL current immigration laws to their fullest extent.  The resolution will reportedly mirror the resolutions approved already by the boards in Brunswick and Pitt counties.

Resolutions like this are coming to the surface amid reports that law enforcement officers are being told by the feds to stop detaining and trying to deport illegals.  There is also evidence to suggest that some of the US-Mexico border crashing minors are being covertly transported and housed in North Carolina and other states.

Amnesty foes are hoping tactics like these resolutions will pressure state and federal authorities to take serious action on the growing crisis at our southern border with Mexico. The Moore County board of commissioners is expected to take up this matter at their meeting this coming Tuesday evening.

4 thoughts on “Moore County to follow Brunswick, Pitt lead on amnesty resistance?

  1. The Moore County Sherriff has already said he is doing all that can be done on immigration before he was elected, Maybe if he stops shooting radar out in the County and leaves that job to the Highway Patrol who gets paid to do it, and concentrates on this, he might get some results.
    Of course he did get a large majority of the vote, and he may not do anything more, if he was already doing all he could? Since the Moore County Commissioners endorsed him, they must know something new or is this a smokescreen for the afternoon meeting next week, I Just heard about?

    1. The problem is that no matter what enforcement actions are taken at the local level, ICE is refusing to take illegals into custody and deporting them unless they are serious and violent criminals. The rest are being turned loose.

  2. What a waste of time since the same group overwhelmingly supported Rene Elmers who believes in illegal immigration. Good intentions on the local Government but the Feds will have their say reguardless. Anyone want to know the difference between Renée and Clay? He is pretty and she has a John supporting her.

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